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Trail Report 2023

Happy New Year everyone.

Walking at Kilodain Park today

Sun Dogs

Jan. 30 2023 Barb Wire

Located near the perfect spot bench just east of the trail head. I have contacted the city about this earlier and sent them another reminder yesterday. I tried digging it out but it is overgrown with roots.

Feb. 17 2023

Trials are in great shape. Good to be back walking again!

Feb. 20 2023

Just a bit blown in but not bad for walking today

Feb. 21 2023

The main trails have been all cleaned up from the blown in snow

Feb. 23 2023

-31 out his morning. Keep it short today!

Mar. 07 2023 Wonderful Hoar Frost today

Mar. 12 2023

The trails are not in bad shape at all after the winds last night.We didn't get the snow that was predicted.

Mar. 15 2023

What a wind last night. The trails are in fine shape except the open area on the Golf Course trail. Also, there are a few trees downed as well.

Mar. 20 2023 Blue sky over head

March 23 2023

Frost on the trees this morning