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The first week of January and somebody trash the picnic table in front of the clubhouse.


New signage up at the Clubhouse 


There is a abandoned Honda CR-V in the Farmers Road parking lot. The City and RM have been notifies.

Up date - Jan. 11 2022 It has been removed

Sunday Feb. 27 2022

Found someone had a fire inside one of the garbage bins beside the clubhouse. It was still burning when I happened upon it so I covered it with snow. The city has been notified.


Park Clean-up 2022

Hi all. The subject of our spring poop clean-up came up today. Given the amount of snow we have received this winter it will be May (maybe) by the time we can get to it. So, this year we thought that we should do an early clean-up of the trails. If you have time please lend a hand. Bags will be supplied plus bottled water at the clubhouse. Start at the clubhouse and pick a trail. Just bring a shovel and a great attitude and we can clean-up our park. If you can bring a sled to transport the bags that would sure help. Please place the bags in the dumpster located in the Farmers Road parking lot.

Sunday March 20 2022 - 10 AM at the LMP Clubhouse till however long you wish to stay.

Park Clean-up

What a great turn out for our first pre-melt spring clean-up.

Thanks to every one for helping


Garbage cans over flowing

I've asked the city to look into the garabge can situation. Bags have been placed along side the cans to help. Thanks everyone for using the cans.

Lost and Found Clean-up

If you are missing any items please check the lost and found box at the clubhouse near the Farmers road parking lot.It is over flowing and we will have to edit.


Stop Sign

The Stop Sign at Farmers Road and Klimpkie west bound has been knocked down. The R.M. has been made aware of it.

Apr. 20 2022

Film shoot in the Big Field.

Our park is hosting a film shhot from Acting Good. They have moved into the Klimpkie parking lot. Not sure how long they will be there. Please be respectful. There is a live horse on set and a stuff moose! As well as a few ice fishing tents.


Apr. 26 2022

Trees down along the Golf Course Trail and Old Hut trails. The City has in notified.

Hope Garden

The snow is gone on our garden. Time to think about adding plants into it.

May 12 2022 Bee hive.

There is a beehive research project in the park from the U of M , please leave alone


May 16 2022

There will be a track and field event at the park over the next couple of days. Let's see what sort of mess is left!

May 25 2022

Hi there somebody chewed up the east side trail off Farmers Road with some heavy equipment entering the empty east side field. There was a report of a tan 1/2 ton parked there.



Hopefully the cold weather has passed. Lets get going on our Hope Garden by adding in any plants you would like to donate.

May 30 2022

Acting Good is back at the south end of the Big Field for the day.


June 01 2022

New bench location faceing towards the big field

Boots June 02 2022

Found under the picnic table at the south end of the Big Field



The City will be spraying for Mosquitos between June 4th to the 8th depended on weather

Helicopter flying over head


Please help add to our garden



Burn 2022 June 6 and 7th

On going on the east side of the big field


June 09 2022

Sink Hole

The latreen sink hole sunk a bit out in the small field. It is about 50 ft. SW of the rock. I have asked the city to provide fill for it.


June 13 2022 Foggy Morning


Clubhouse windows

A few of the Clubhouse windows have been opened for safety concerns

The weather is calling for +37 this weekend .

Please be careful walking. Bring lots of water!

Metal left at the garbage bin

Might be stolen material? I Contacted the city about it. Later picked up by three people and loaded up.



Our LMPCG pins are here. We are asking $3.00 each just to cover the cost. Also, I still have the LMPPOA iron on transfers for $5.00 for a sheet of four.

Bin July 02 2022

The Garbage bin is flipped over today



Somebody forgot their cane behind. In the Lost and Found box

July 06 2022

Hole in the small field hasn't been filled yet so be aware.


July 12 2022

The dead trees have been cut down in front of the cluhoue. Also, we have a new dumpster in the Farmers Road parking lot!


July 17 2022

Leftovers at the picnic talbe behind the clubouse once again. Thanks to Donna and Richard (and others) for helping to clean up.

Spraying Again July 16

Picnic table loose bolts in the Big Field. Alex is on it.


Garden looks so nice this year


New Bench Installed facing the Big Field


Aug. 05 2022

New Signage going up!

Tree Vandalized I hope someone is very proud of themselves after this

Another Bench has been added to the park Aug. 10 2022 looking out into the Big Field


So much colour at the park


Aug 28 2022

So I thought somebody had stolen the Birdhouse I fixed. I was just covered over by the trees and I missed it. Thanks Alex for spotting it!

Bench Aug. 30 2022

Care there is a broken 2X4 in the centre bench looking west into the Big Field. I have contacted the Parks people about this.


Signage Sept. 01 2022

After a year of asking I finally got the RM of Rosser install more 'Slow for Dogs' signage on Farmers Road and Klimpkie.

Sept. 02 2022

Farmers Road. I asking the RM of Rosser to look into greening Farmers road. This is such a great look for the park!


Sept. 03 2022 Geese

Sounds like fall out there with the geese overhead


Sept. 19 2022

Vehicle was trashed across from the Framers Road parking lot. Also there was a lot of left over food around the clubhouse. Thanks to Richard and Darlene for cleaning up.


Blessing 2022

Thank you so much Rev. Edmund Laldin for looking after the Blessing for the Animals today. What a wonderful event!



Thank the city for finally filling the sink hole in the small field.


Hi there! Just a heads-up that there will be an early years run being held at Little Mountain Oct 3, and 4. From about 12-2pm.
You’re welcome to cheer on our little runners ??

The park is for eveyone to enjoy. Please take the time to clean-up after yourselves.


Many thanks to Alex for all his hard work this summer at the park. This is his last week looking after things. We hope he will be back next and years to come.

On East trail trees are laying across the fence into the truck compounds. The City has been notified


Oct. 09 2022

The old Map post was removed by the city today. Hoping we get some new ones up.

Oct. 10 2022

A couple of new Pine trees planted in the big field.


Oct. 26 2022

Shot Gun Shells were found in the Klimpkie parking lot. The RM and city have been notified.


The Perfect spot is getting a new bench. Thanks to Ruth for making it happen!



A section of the Big Field was burnt


Garbage Bins have been removed again for the winter. I started putting out the bags again. 


Nov. 08 2022 Eavestrough 

Finally. Been after the city since they put the new roof on the Clubhouse.

Bathroom update

According to the city. The bathrooms at the clubhouse will remain open during normal hours (7:30 - evening) at winter. 

Dec. 25 2022 Merry Christmas to all