Little Mountain Park Conservancy       Group Inc.
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Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group Inc.

Statement of Purpose:

1.1  This organization shall be known as the Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group Incorporated, herein referred to as the LMPCG Inc.

1.2   This document contains the general bylaws that regulate the transaction of business and the affairs of the Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group Incorporated.

2.1  The purpose of the Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group Incorporated is to preserve and sustain the heritage and well being of the naturalized environment of Little Mountain Park for the posterity of the people of Manitoba.

2.2  To provide representation for the well being of Little Mountain Park to other stakeholders with interests in the Park, including political representatives and other regulatory bodies in the R.M. of Rosser, City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada. 

Corporate Status

3.1  The Registered Office of the Group is: 8 Marlyn Place, R2P-2A6. Another location in Manitoba may be established at the by resolution of the Board, as long as the intention and the effective date are communicated to the Companies Office, 1010- 405 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3L6.

In accordance with the Corporations Act of Manitoba, the Leadership shall file, on the last day of the anniversary month of incorporation, an Annual Return of Information with the Companies Office, 1010- 405 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. R3C-3L6.  Failure to file for two consecutive years will result in the dissolution of the corporation. The Return shall state the type of organization, the Registered Address which must be the same as the mailing address, names and addresses of all current Steering Committee Directors, the effective date of the election of new Steering Committee Directors and the effective date for retiring Steering Committee Directors. The Report shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee.