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Sad News
Sad News. Our dear friend Tessa passed away today. All our best goes out to Kathryn.


 Published: 26 January 2017
 Last Updated: 26 January 2017
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Dead Animal
Jan. 22 2017

There is a dead animal just within the Players Golf Course fence. Right at the end of the 5th hole and the Golf Course trail. Be aware that there is a small hole in the fence that the dogs can get under. I've let Players know about it but no word back from them yet.

 Published: 22 January 2017
 Last Updated: 22 January 2017
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Metro Jan.10 2017 Pg. 2
News / Winnipeg
Off-leash dog park plan prompts developer complaints
Citing a list of concerns from traffic congestion to a loss of property values, the president of Crystal Development calls the city’s decision to transform park of Bonnycastle Park next door to the development 'insane.'
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Crystal Properties at 300 Assiniboine Ave. in Winnipeg Manitoba, January 8, 2017. The developer is upset the city wants to put an off-leash dog park in Bonnycastle Park.
By: Stephanie Taylor Metro Published on
A local developer is frustrated that after a years-long struggle to build a $75-million high-rise downtown, the City of Winnipeg now plans to open a dog park next door.
Rubin Spletzer, CEO of Crystal Developers Ltd., calls the city’s decision to open an off-leash pooch park beside Heritage Landing “insane," citing a list of concerns from traffic congestion to a loss of property values. 
“How would you like to have a $70-million building and you put a dog park beside it, right there. I don’t think you would enjoy that. Neither do we," Spletzer told Metro during a recent interview at his 25-storey apartment complex at 300 Assiniboine Ave.  
“If they’re going to place it the way they designed it right it next to me, my whole building is going to lose about 10 per cent on value, which is around $7 million.” 
“I will fight the city that the taxes have to then be reduced accordingly."
More specifically, he said a lot of design work went into ensuring the façade of the building overlooking Bonnycastle Park— where 0.15 hectares of land will be turned into an off-leash dog area— met the city’s requirements
He calls it “annoying” that tenants looking outside a large window in the lobby and entertainment room will now see dogs running around.
Spletzer's concerns have resulted in delays to the dog park opening, according to Coun. Mike Pagtakhan, who chairs the committee on protection, community services and parks.
“The city was wanting to hear what the concerns were and to see if we could allay some of those concerns,” Pagtakhan said.
Last July, Mayor Brian Bowman— who campaigned on a promise to open an off-leash dog park downtown— announced that Bonnycastle Park had been picked as the future location of the off-leash area after an online survey where 1,800 people responded. 
At the announcement, the city said construction on park amenities — like new fences, waste bins and lighting — was supposed to start at the end of the September or beginning of October and last up to four weeks.
Then last October, municipal communications manager David Driedger told Metro that after talking with different stakeholders, “it was determined that some design revisions had to be made and as a result we've run into some delays.”
Pagtakhan says Bonnycastle Park maintains the city’s preferred location for the downtown off-leash dog site.
He said the city's chief administrative officer, Doug McNeil, is still working to resolve the issue, but couldn't specifically say how. 
The next step is for the city's urban design advisory committee to review the design of the park and recommend any changes, Pagtakhan said. 
His goal is to now see the park open by late summer or early fall.
Spletzer, meanwhile, has little hope the city will make design changes that solve his concerns.
“There’s a lot of tenants that already said if the city puts up that dog park in here, we’re moving out,” he said, adding that since the apartment complex opened last month, there are 26 tenants in the building’s 234 spaces. 
Despite an open house and online survey about where a downtown dog park should go, Spletzer--who also owns 90 Garry Street-- says the city didn’t properly consult with neighbours of the park, many of whom are seniors.
He also questions the suitability of the location since seven of the high-rise buildings in the area do not allow pets.
“Now I know, dogs need a place to run around. And I know the mayor has promised somewhere, but why choose the most attractive park and destroy it for a dog park?”
Some of his concerns pre-date the dog park plan, and involve an overall frustration with the city over what he characterizes as an uphill battle to get the high-rise built in the first place.
In 2008, the company got the go-ahead from the city to build a 15-storey apartment complex near Upper Fort Garry, but the project was met with public backlash over concerns the site’s history would be destroyed.
Spletzer says they eventually agreed to a deal involving former mayor Sam Katz to purchase land in the Broadway-Assiniboine area and build the high-rise there instead.
He says issues arose after discovering Manitoba Hydro lines buried underneath the land which equalled a costly removal and more delays.
“Now they’re putting park beside it.”

 Published: 11 January 2017
 Last Updated: 11 January 2017
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 Read more: Metro Jan.10 2017 Pg. 2
Water Main
Dec. 06 2017

Parks was just notified by Stantec Consulting Ltd. that the RM of Rosser will be closing Farmers Road from Klimpke Road to Brookside Boulevard as early as next week for a construction project to install water main along Farmers road. The closure is estimated for six weeks. Due to this, the North side access points will be closed off to all traffic; vehicular and pedestrian including the parking lot on Farmers Road.


I have requested Stantec Consulting Ltd to send us any updated information about this project. Once I have it, I’ll pass on the information to you so you can notify your members. As far as I understand, Klimpke Road should be open during the construction period and our parking lot on Klimpke Road will be available for park users.

From the Parks board

 Published: 06 January 2017

Mar.10 2017 North Parking Lot
Heads up everybody. Somebody had a party in the North Parking lot (close to the quarry side) and dumped Chocolate cake everywhere. I tried to clean up but there is still a lot left over.

 Published: 11 March 2017
 Last Updated: 11 March 2017
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City Hall Reaction

Karen ZoppaWinnipeg, Canada
MAR 1, 2017 — Dear Supporters:
I delivered our petition last Friday, February 23 2017, and then followed up with a letter to all councillors and the Mayor, requesting a meeting with those directly involved in the "Master Plan" for City dog parks.
I received a very supportive -mail from Brian Mayes, an e-mail of acknowldegment from Matt Allard's EA, and a voice mail from Devi Sharma's EA informing me to contact Mike Pagtakhan, who apparently Chairs the dog park committee. I will follow up with his office and keep you posted. Start imagining your rally signs!

 Published: 02 March 2017
 Last Updated: 02 March 2017
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PETITION bundled and ready for delivery to City Hall.  ;)

 Published: 23 February 2017
 Last Updated: 23 February 2017
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Petitions going to City Hall!

Karen ZoppaWinnipeg, Canada
FEB 18, 2017 — Fellow Friends of LMP:
After nearly one month, we have gathered the support of hundreds of LMP lovers to support the petition in favour of having LMP declared all "Off Leash." I am presenting the e-petition signatories as well as hard copy signatories with a cover letter to the Mayor, Councillors Brian Mayes and John Orlikow, and the head of Animal Services by the end of the month. I will make our voice heard. Thank you for your support. I will keep you posted. - Karen Zoppa.

 Published: 18 February 2017
 Last Updated: 18 February 2017
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Sad News
I received some sad news last week. Our friend Herc past away. We meet him as a pup and watched him grow into a wonderful loving boy. He will be truly missed by all. 


 Published: 12 February 2017
 Last Updated: 12 February 2017
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Through all the goings on with the Karen and the petition (great job all) and e-mails going back and forth. I have forgotten to mention that I had a great talk with  Christopher Lepa from the City Forestry branch. I was put in contact with him because of our concerns about the water line and any damage to the park.( Oh, quick side note, the water line does go north past the perimeter towards Stone Wall. So maybe that is where they will be drawing water from, not the Assiniboine River.) Anyways, we were talking about replanting any damaged trees and replacing the sick ones along Farmers Rd. and I had mentioned about the east side. He was very much in favour of that and will do a follow-up walk about in spring (may/June) and see what we can do.
Cheers, Lloyd
P.S. please keep getting signatures!
 Published: 11 February 2017
 Last Updated: 11 February 2017
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Good Afternoon,  
Please see the attached February 2017 Newsletter. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
Jessica, Rena, Lorraine & Trina
Executive Committee
Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba
Manitoba Basset Hound Rescue
Website: www.bostonpugrescuemb .com
Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/pages/Boston-Terrier-Pug- Rescue-of-Southern-Manitoba-BT PRSM/193798940645439

 Published: 01 February 2017
 Last Updated: 01 February 2017
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Please help us make LMP off leash by signing our petition.


I just signed the petition, “The City of Winnipeg - Winnipeg City Council: Make Little Mountain Park ALL OFF-LEASH..” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:,
 Published: 31 January 2017

Hope Garden
Time to get our LMP Hope Garden weeded and cleaned up. If you have any plants that need a new home please feel free to add them in.

 Published: 25 May 2017
 Last Updated: 25 May 2017
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Winnipeg Free Press May 23 2017

 Published: 23 May 2017
 Last Updated: 23 May 2017
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Seven Oaks School
From Carolyn:

Seven Oaks School will be having a school event on the trails May 23
11.30 to 2.30
 Published: 14 May 2017
 Last Updated: 14 May 2017
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Manitoba Day
Take note, fellow citizens, May 12 is Manitoba Day – let’s all celebrate, with pride and joy, our 147th birthday

Two dates to mark on your calendar: May 12, the day proclaimed as Manitoba Day in perpetuity in this province; and May 6, the day set for Manitoba’s biggest celebration of Manitoba Day this year – on the prior Saturday when Manitobans customarily have time to celebrate.

Last year, more than 10,000 of us turned out at the Manitoba Museum, the co-ordinator of Manitoba Day activities – its main public event – and broke its historic attendance record. The hopes are the numbers will be even bigger in 2017. Around the province, a broad range of organizations and many municipalities will have their own celebrations.

May 12 has a multi-layered meaning in Manitoba’s history. The Manitoba Act, a creation of the British parliament, received Royal Assent on May 12, 1870. Our official flag was raised May 12, 1966. In 1966, May 12 was named as Manitoba Day in perpetuity, in recognition of the importance of that date for the province.

In the province’s legislature on that date, Premier Howard Pawley told assembly members the date “provides a special opportunity for recognizing and paying tribute to artistic and ethnocultural communities which enhance the quality of life in Manitoba.” It is in the public interest, he said, that “special attention be given on this day to Manitoba’s history and development, to the achievements of her citizens in the visual, literary and performing arts, and to their outstanding contribution to our province.”

It has been noted that even in more modern times, many Manitobans have yet to hear about Manitoba Day. It is notable, too, that the anniversary date was celebrated long before It became a permanent feature on provincial calendars; premiers were issuing Manitoba Day proclamations urging citizens here to mark the day; a handful of communities were staging festivities. As far back as Montreal’s Expo 67, a local delegation was on hand in the east – on Sept. 2 – to promote the Manitoba Day.

So show up May 6 at some great party place, enjoy and learn and remember March 12 – Manitoba Day – in perpetuity.
 Published: 05 May 2017
 Last Updated: 05 May 2017
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Clean-up 2017
Looks the weather is going to be nice this Saturday for our clean-up. There will be bags available from Tim Horton's and the Pitch-in people. Water will be there as well. A huge thank you to all that make the effort to make our parks so wonderful for all.

 Published: 02 May 2017
 Last Updated: 02 May 2017
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Clean-up Postponed
Due to the sudden dump of snow today I'm afraid we'll have to postpone our Spring Clean-up to another weekend.

 Published: 22 April 2017
 Last Updated: 22 April 2017
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Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba Inc. Newsletter
April 2017
Good Afternoon,

Welcome to our revitalized newsletter!

We hope you like and and enjoy the content! We are still learning how to use the program and the features available to us but so far we think it's going to be hit! Please bear with us while we work through these changes!

We are starting off this month's newsletter with an article about Kids and Pets!
April 26th is National Kids and Pets Day! There is nothing more important that teaching our children how to interact with pets safely. The following article from Laura Flynn Mccarthy is a great safety guide.
 Kids and Pets: A Safety Guide
Ways to protect your child and your animal from each other

By Laura Flynn MccarthyKids and pets are a natural match. After all, what's cuter than a preschooler cuddling a puppy or a toddler's face lighting up in front of a fish tank? Children's animal attraction is so strong, in fact, that often a baby's first word is the name of her pet. Aside from adding fun to your family, animals also teach kids about nurturing, companionship, responsibility, and even life and death.

As a mom, you want your child to reap the benefits of raising an animal without any of the problems. The first step: Make sure each of them is safe with the other. Here's how.

Every year about 400,000 kids need medical help for dog bites, and about 80 percent of canine bites are from animals that children know well. "Dogs may bite because they're frightened, especially if they're being teased, or because they're protecting their bed, a toy, or their food," says Stephanie Shain, director of outreach for the Humane Society of the United States.

Teach your child to "be a tree"—to stand still with her hands at her sides and let a dog she doesn't know sniff her. Explain that if she runs away, the dog may think she's playing and chase her. Tell her to curl up into a ball to protect her face and hands if a dog knocks her down.
Enroll your dog in an obedience class (you can do it as early as 12 weeks), so he learns not to jump on people and to follow some simple commands, which can help keep him under control around kids.
Use baby gates to keep your dog in a room away from your child when necessary. A crate, which provides a safe haven for him and protection for your child, can be a very good idea.
Teach your child to avoid dogs that are growling, baring their teeth, or whose fur is standing on end.
Instruct her never to stare into a dog's eyes, which can antagonize it.
Show her how to stroke a pup's back and sides, instead of reaching over his head.
Never play tug-of-war or wrestle with a dog; roughhousing can trigger a bite.
To prevent diseases caused by parasites: Leave poop scooping to adults, and bring your pooch for regular veterinary checkups.
Have your dog spayed or neutered (at around 5 months), which can calm him.
"Unlike dogs, cats typically run away when bothered by a child. A cat will rarely chase anyone who runs away from it," says Shain. "But if a child chases a cat or corners it, the animal may lash out. Your child should learn to just let it go."

Teach your child that if a kitty flips its tail back and forth quickly, it's more likely to scratch or bite, so avoid it.
If your child is scratched or bitten by a cat, wash the area well with soap and water, and rinse for at least 30 seconds. If the bite punctured the skin, call your doctor. After a scratch, watch for swollen glands or lingering tenderness at the site over the next two weeks  -- signs that your child may need antibiotics.
If your cat tends to scratch people, ask your vet about declawing  -- but only as a last resort.
Keep your cat indoors to minimize exposure to ticks and fleas and to keep her safe.
Teach your child not to pick up a cat, but just to pet it gently on the back or behind its ears, and never to bother one that's sleeping or eating.
Don't let your child handle the litter box.
If you're pregnant
Avoid contact with cats because they can cause toxoplasmosis, a disease that may increase the risk of miscarriage or fetal deformities. To reduce your risk:

Keep your cat indoors where he's less likely to hunt mice or other small animals. (Cats get the parasite from eating raw meat.)
Feed your feline only commercial cat food  -- never undercooked meat.
Have your spouse clean the litter box daily. If you have to do it yourself, wear rubber gloves and wash both your hands and the gloves thoroughly when finished.
Avoid stray or outdoor cats; you don't know what they may be carrying.
Choose a small, domestic bird, like a cockatiel, parakeet, or canary, which won't hurt your child if it bites him (which is unlikely). These birds are fairly easy to care for and are less likely to spread parasites or bacteria than larger, imported ones.
Don't let your child hold the bird; if he wants to pet it, you hold it and let him stroke its back.
The cage should be cleaned daily  -- by an adult. Wear rubber gloves, then wash them and your hands thoroughly afterward.
Teach your child never to tap on the cage or stick any objects into it.
Tropical fish are among the safest, most colorful, and low-maintenance pets, but even they can present problems. * Tell your child never to put his hands in the tank. The water may contain salmonella or other harmful bacteria. * Don't buy predator fish, such as piranhas. * As with all pet foods (and medicines), store fish food and any chemicals for the tank out of your child's reach. Teach your child not to overfeed fish.

About 3 percent of U.S. homes have a turtle, snake, or lizard, and more than 70,000 people a year contract salmonella from contact with these pets. "Don't believe pet-store certificates that claim an animal is salmonella-free," says Gary Smith, M.D., director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. "A reptile can test negative for salmonella one day and the next day it may show up in its feces." Because salmonella can be especially severe in young children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends you keep reptiles out of homes with children under 5. If you do have a reptile, keep the animal and its cage away from the kitchen and food.

Hamsters, etc.
Little critters like hamsters, Guinea pigs, and rabbits are gentle  -- and easier because the mess is contained in an enclosed space. To keep risks to a minimum:

Choose your pet carefully  -- hamsters, Guinea pigs, and rabbits, for example, enjoy being handled more than gerbils and mice.
Before you bring an animal home, make sure it has no signs of "wet tail" (wetness near its bottom) or labored breathing; either could mean it has a bacterial infection.
Handle the animal with your child for at least 15 minutes a day. "Many people regard small pets as 'starter' pets. They put the hamster in the cage, clean the cage once a week, and don't pick the animal up much, so it never gets used to being touched and is more likely to bite or scratch," says Shain.
Teach your child to hold his pet securely but very gently. "Kids can easily drop or squish a small pet, or pull its fur," says Bonnie Beaver, a veterinarian and professor in the department of small animal clinical sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station. When the pet is being held, offer it a treat  -- like a baby carrot or a blueberry  -- so it's a pleasant experience.
Keep the cage in a place where you can supervise the animal  -- and your child.
Avoid ferrets or wild "pets," such as raccoons, chinchillas, and hedgehogs. "Ferrets have been known to attack children," cautions Beaver.
Pet Valu National Adoption Weekend

Join the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba (BTPRSM) for the Pet Valu National Adoption Weekend on April 22nd and 23rd.

The whole month of April Pet Valu Marion will be collecting monetary donations, food and supplies for Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba.

All U-wash dog washes in the month of April will also be donated to the PAW donations as well!

Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba will have adoptable dogs out on Saturday and Sunday. Learn about how our rescue helps these Forever Fosters with medications and special diets.

Saturday, April 22nd we will have volunteers on site to wash your furry friend for you for a $15.00 donation. This donation will go our rescue directly. Or you can wash your own dog and that money will also be donated to our rescue. The Rescue Dog Wash runs from 11:00 - 3:00 pm!

Sunday, April 23rd, our amazing supporter Emily will be doing Nail Trims for $10.00 with all proceeds going to the April PAW event. The nail trims will be happening from 9:00 - 2:00 pm!

Pet Valu National Adoption Weekend Hours:
Saturday, April 22 - 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday, April 23 - 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
 Pet Valu National Adoption Weekend Facebook Event Page 

BTPRSM Annual Wine Raffle

Almost all the wine raffle tickets have been handed out to our amazing supporters who have offered to sell the tickets for us. Some have already completely sold their books and have handed in their stubs and money.

To date we have 18 bottles collected of our 50 bottle total! We are still working on collecting from the families who have offered to donate to the draw and are still going to need to keep collecting.
If all the bottles are donated that means that BTPRSM doesn’t have to purchase any wine from the proceeds of the draw. The value of the bottle can be $10 - $15 and if you check the clearance/bin end section at the liquor mart you can find high valued wines on sale for around $10.
If you would rather not purchase a bottle of wine and would like to make a monetary donation for us to purchase a bottle on your behalf, we can do that as well.
Payments can be accepted via E-tranfer to or cheque payable to BTPRSM.
We can only accept unopened, store bought wine. So if you received a bottle of wine that you will never drink please feel free to donate it to our Annual Wine Raffle! Thanks to everyone who have donated so far.
The draw date will be Sunday, June 11th at 3:00 pm at the Manitoba Pet Expo.
If you would like to donate to the wine raffle, please let us know. Donations can also be brought to our outdoor playgroup in May and our upcoming adoption event in April at Pet Valu on Marion.

Spring/Summer 2017 Show & Save Fundraiser


The Show and Save Card and Coupon book is $20.00.

We are taking orders now, so please email us at so you don't miss out on this great savings book. BTPRSM gets a % of all books sold.

The SHOW & SAVE CARD is a re-usable discount card that conveniently fits into your wallet.
The SHOW & SAVE CARD features over 100 money saving discounts and offers including restaurants, entertainment, clothing, merchandise, services, and much, much more.
The SHOW & SAVE CARD can be used over and over until the expiry date ofMarch 31, 2018.
Here is the link to the available deals on the card:http://www.showandsavecard. com/pdf/show_and_save_card.pdf

Simply present the Card when ordering at any of the businesses and you will receive the discount or offer featured on the Card.
The business does not punch their ad out, cross it out or cut it out. Like a credit card, it may be used over and over, until the expiry date.

The SHOW & SAVE CARD is carried with you at all times and presented at the point of purchase.

Every SHOW & SAVE CARD includes a Coupon Book. This book features over 400 coupons.
Here is a link to the list of participating merchants: http://www. participating_merchants.pdf
The coupons may only be used once, but they are a tremendous value; worth thousands of dollars. Featured discounts include restaurants, golf, entertainment, merchandise, grocery, services and more. All coupons expireMarch 31, 2018.

Kin Kar Raffle 2017

BTPRSM are selling the Kin Kar Raffle Tickets again this year!!
We will have them available at our  April Adoption Event, May outdoor playgroup and at the 2017 Manitoba Pet Expo! We also have a book of tickets at Southglen Veterinary Clinic!
Grand Prize - your choice of one of the following prizes:
-2017 Ford Mustang GT
-2017 Ford F150 4x4 Truck
-All Season Outfoor Recreation Package (Two Sea-Doos, ATV, Snowmobile)
-Can Am Spyder RT
-$25,000 cash

Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00    (BTPRSM receives 50% of the proceeds!)

Coupons included with your $10.00 ticket are:
- Clay Oven ($5 off entree), Great Canadian Oil Change ($10 off oil change), and the Red River Exhibition (2 for 1 admission).

Grand Prize Draw Date: June 25, 2017 at the Red River Exhibition, Kin Kar Booth

3 Early Bird Draws of $500 cash:
April 28, 2017 - 1:00 pm
May 31, 2017 - 1:00 pm


The Manitoba Pet Expo is on Sunday, June 11, 2017 and it’s approaching fast.
We are looking forward to another fun filled year with some exciting new demonstrations and speaking presentations. There will be local animal rescues/shelters and advocacy groups in attendance as well as many new and returning exhibitors.
To make sure the 2017 Manitoba Pet Expo runs smoothly we are looking for volunteers to help us out! There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities available. Please complete the Volunteer Application form and email it back to us at  We will need all the Volunteer Applications sent to us by May 7, 2017.
Silent Auction – As always we will have a silent auction set up at the 2017 Manitoba Pet Expo. We are currently accepting donations for the silent auction. If you would like to donate, please email us at  If you require a donation letter, please let us know and we will email it to you.

Follow this link to the website for more information on the 2017 Manitoba Pet Expo!  You can follow us on Facebook as well!

Gidget and Gizmo are still in foster care! We are still on the search for a family who might be looking to add not one but two Boston Terriers to their family! We do know though if we are unable to find that perfect family, that Glenda and Tim will be their forever foster family! Here is a photo of the duo doing what they do best! Being cute and cuddly! If you are someone you know is interested in adopting the sweetest senior siblings, please complete an
 Published: 11 April 2017
 Last Updated: 11 April 2017
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Park Clean-up 2017
Apr. 23 2017

10:00 AM to when ever you get tired or pooped in this case!

LMP clubhouse

It's that time of the year again to break out your shovels, gloves and rubber boots and give the park a good cleaning. Hopefully the weather holds and the trails are all dried up. Our biggest areas of concern are the two parking lot locations. The Pitch-In campaign has provided us with bags. Pick a spot and dig in!

 Published: 10 April 2017

Aug. 07 2017
Heads up everybody. There is chocolate cake dumped at the base of the first Pine Tree along the paved trail going from the north parking lot to the club house.

 Published: 07 August 2017
 Last Updated: 07 August 2017
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July 29 2017 Mess
Heads up everybody. Somebody had a party in the picnic area right behind the maintenance yard last night. There is chocolate cake and cheeses everywhere.

 Published: 29 July 2017
 Last Updated: 29 July 2017
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Sad News
Sad news. We lost our dear friend Koda today. He was one of our first friends we made at the park. He greeted everybody with a big happy smile and was always up for a good scratch or a rub. All our best go out to Jim, Sue and Nigel during these sad times.

 Published: 29 July 2017
 Last Updated: 29 July 2017
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Happy 4th of July to all  our American friends.

 Published: 03 July 2017
 Last Updated: 03 July 2017
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Canada Day 150 !
July 1 2017 Happy Canada Day everybody!

 Published: 01 July 2017
 Last Updated: 01 July 2017
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Sad News June 26 2017
Sad new, Talyn has passed away. All our best go you to Karen, Ron and Moya. She was a wonderful collie and will be missed by all.

 Published: 30 June 2017
 Last Updated: 30 June 2017
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June 11 2017 Skunk Alert
Skunk alert! The smell of skunk was heavy in the air along the Golf Course trail this morning.

 Published: 11 June 2017
 Last Updated: 11 June 2017
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Bird Houses
We had the Community Venture group ( put up some new Bird House's in the Park today. What a fantastic job they did! Many thanks to Carolyn for setting everything up. Good on you!


 Published: 02 June 2017

St. Johns Ambulance
St. Johns Ambulance is offering their regular Animal First Aid Course. There are only 11 spots open for this event. There is a class scheduled here for October 21. It is a Saturday and runs from 1:00 – 5:00 and the fee is $55.00 per person. If you are interested please call and reserve your spot.
I'm working creating another course for more people .
 Published: 06 September 2017
 Last Updated: 06 September 2017
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Yesterday was a week since the visious attack on Hailey, where her short life was taken away. In memory of her at the park Keith built a beautiful marker and placed it last night at the spot where she last laid, to keep her memory alive. Thank you Keith!! Thank you to the people who help put it in place last night.
Please hug your dog today & everyday

 Published: 06 September 2017
 Last Updated: 06 September 2017
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 Published: 04 September 2017
 Last Updated: 04 September 2017
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Spray Piant
Why do people have to do this?

 Published: 01 September 2017
 Last Updated: 01 September 2017
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Horrible Day Tuesday Aug.29 2017
This is a very sad post. We had a horrific incident last night at the park around 6:30 PM. Rae Carmen TJ  Golden Retriever was attacked by another dog and killed.

"I want to thank Darlene Korzinski for all she's done! Her kindness & genuine concern are simply remarkable. I'm so thankful she was there & beyond thankful for her reassuring words. There are still some amazing people in this world. 

Yes we are heart broken, & our children are devastated - Hailey was not a "pet" she was a member of our family & she was so loved! 

Time heals all wounds & we are so thankful that we got to have her as a member of our family - even if it was cut way to short. 

Thank you to everyone else who send such nice words - we are grateful."

Please if you know that your dog shows any amount of aggressive tendencies keep it under control.


 Published: 30 August 2017
 Last Updated: 01 September 2017
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Dog Killed
I heard today that a dog was killed on Klimpke on Thursday morning. I wrote the RM of Rosser some time ago about putting reduced speed signage around the park. There was no answer from them.

 Published: 26 August 2017
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Next Wednesday, the 23rd. and Thursday the 24th. the CBC will be doing a film shoot down in the quarry area and the north parking lot. The TV show is called 'Burden of Truth'.

Burden of Truth - CBC Media Centre - 
BURDEN OF TRUTH (10 x 60) is a new legal drama starring Kristin Kreuk ( Smallville, Beauty and the Beast) as big city lawyer Joanna Hanley, who returns to ...
 Published: 19 August 2017
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Monday Aug. 14th
The last of the tree line has been removed from the small field to make room for another business. It's heartbreaking to know what was down the east trail to now. Still hopeful that we can convince the businesses to support our Greening efforts.

 Published: 19 August 2017

Sept. 22 2017
The first day of fall and there's a storm coming our way.

 Published: 23 September 2017
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First Aid Course
Wally's friend, Paul is a former member of St. Johns ambulance and has offered to instruct us in CPR and first aid for animals. If you are interested in joining in please e-mail me through our Contact e-mail. I need to know how many people to expect. Date and time to be determined. Somewhere towards the end of Oct. I should think.

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Added a few more rocks into the marker site.

 Published: 17 September 2017
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The cross marker might be gone but I placed a couple of the Hidden rocks around the spot.

 Published: 16 September 2017
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CBC Sept. 18th


Just a heads up, the same production crew will be on site starting next Monday for some prep work. Filming will resume on Thursday.


 Published: 16 September 2017
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Winnipeg Free Press Sept. 07 2017 Pg.2




A woman looks at a grave marker in the shape of a bone with Hailey’s name on it. It is mounted near where she was attacked and killed by another dog.

Coun. Brian Mayes has referred to Little Mountain Park as Winnipeg’s "orphan" because it’s owned by the city but lies just beyond its northwest boundary.

The hundreds of dog owners who walk their pets among the seemingly endless designated off-leash aspen forest trails that wind through the 160 acres are apt to have another name for the park.


Hailey the golden retriever

But hell paid a visit to Little Mountain Park last week.

Which is how the warning poster came to be placed in the park.

"On Aug. 29, at 6:30 p.m. while walking down the main trail in the park," the accompanying text begins, "Hailey, a young golden retriever, was viciously attacked and killed by a short-hair German shepherd called Allie.

"Hailey did not provoke this and was a sweet, gentle girl that was a loving family member and is missed deeply by two young children that have lost their best friend.

"The dog that attacked and killed Hailey is known to have attacked many dogs in the park and has bitten at least one person. The owner still continues to walk his dog in the park with no remorse for what his dog has done to a beautiful dog that should still be walking in the park with her family."

The anguished message, apparently written by Hailey’s owner, concluded with these words: "This dog is deemed dangerous and should not be trusted, should not be allowed in the park for the safety of people, children and dogs."

That made it a warning poster, as well.

But as of early Wednesday afternoon — eight days after the incident — there was no indication the dog’s owner, much less the canine, had been located.

When I inquired about the incident early Wednesday, the City of Winnipeg responded dismissively, without apparent concern.

"Little Mountain Park is located in the RM of Rosser. A referral has been made to the appropriate authorities regarding this incident."

The city appeared to be playing the "orphan" card.

In the past, according to one of the park’s dog walkers, Little Mountain Park’s off-leash status hadn’t stopped Winnipeg animal control officers from ticketing people who came out of the designated area with their dogs still off leash.

When I contacted Rosser chief administrative officer Larry Wandowich on Wednesday afternoon, he was helpful and concerned a dangerous dog was still out there.

He said his lone bylaw officer learned of the incident over the long weekend from a witness. But it was only Tuesday, when Wandowich returned to work, that he heard about it from the officer and the head of Winnipeg’s parks department. Wandowich made a point of saying Rosser and the city were "working together" to investigate the tragic incident and ensure it is resolved. Even if that’s not the way the city saw it.

Meanwhile, by Tuesday evening, Wandowich had spoken to Hailey’s owner to update her on the investigation.

"And, as you can imagine," he wrote in an email, "she is heartbroken.

"All witnesses that we are aware of will be interviewed as part of this," he continued. "This is taking place already. Once we have all the information, we can then take the appropriate action. That is really all I have for you at this time, as it is an active investigation and I don’t have all the details yet."

Meanwhile, I was still puzzled by the city’s attitude.

Why would the city be taking such a hands-off approach when the CAO of little Rosser repeatedly said they were "working together"?

I asked the city for an explanation.

"Working together," came the city’s reply, "means we referred it over to them."


But, as I was saying, Winnipeg Animal Services officers have been seen handing out off-leash tickets at Little Mountain Park.

"Is that true?" I asked the city in another email. "If so, why don’t they also police reports of dangerous dogs?"

The city answered with typically precise and purposely veiled language.

"Animal services does not currently enforce the responsible pet ownership bylaw at Little Mountain Park."

"When you say ‘currently,’" I asked again, "has city animal control done that in the past?"

No response.

But by late Wednesday afternoon, I had a response from Wandowich. He had heard from his bylaw officer, who had more information. The German shepherd’s owner had been identified, located and spoken with. Again, Wandowich alluded to "working with the city," saying they still have to go over the witness reports and write up the rest of the information.

So, as of now, Allie, the accused dog-killing dog, remains with its master, although with a promise.

"The owner has said that he’s not taking his dog to any other dog parks, as well," Wandowich said.

I’m not sure how comforting that is to the Little Mountain Park dog-walking community.

As for why the city kept referring me to Rosser on the issue, something Wandowich said late in the day offered a hint.

"There is a jurisdiction situation going on with the city."

I asked when he was informed of that.

Tuesday, Wandowich said.

How convenient.

Suddenly, hand the leash and responsibility to another jurisdiction, apparently with no intention of returning to Little Mountain Park.

Until, perhaps, the case of the killer dog is over.

And there’s a bylaw enforcement buck in patrolling the "orphan" park again.

Read more by Gordon Sinclair Jr..

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West Parking Lot Sept. 06 2017
There is a death in the West Parking lot. Suicide it looks like. The car (a Mustang) has been there for a couple of days. The RCMP has the parking lot closed off.

 Published: 06 September 2017
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Blessing for the Animals 2017
Blessing. It is Sunday Oct 1st at 2:00 pm.
We are pleased to have Rev. Woodcroft presiding over our Blessing For the Animals event. We have been having this for the last couple of years and it gets more special each time.

 Published: 06 September 2017

Paws For Thought
Looking for Holiday or anytime gifts. 
Check out , 'Paws For Thought', Boutique For Pets.
Owner / operator - Jessica Thompson.
Located at 1051 Main Street (Main at Burrows, East side) Winnipeg
Phone - (204) 421-7297
E-mail -
Premium Dog and Cat Food
Luxury Pet Supplies
Focus on Local and Canadian made
Unique Gifts for Animal Lovers
Animal Themed Art by Local Artists
Outreach Office for Cat Spay & Neuter Program

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Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba Inc. Newsletter
 November 2017
Well it's been a very long time since we have sent out a newsletter to all our amazing followers. We will try our best to get these newsletters out more regularly. 

Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month?  
This article by the Animal Foundation, lists nine reasons to consider adding an adult furry friend to your family when you are ready to adopt.   9 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet
1. What you see is what you get!

When you adopt an older pet, you’ll already be able to tell its full-grown size, grooming requirements, temperament, and more. This kind of information will help you pick the right dog or cat for your family.

2. Train less, enjoy more!
Adult pets are more likely to have received obedience and leash training from a prior owner. That means fewer accidents in the house, less leash pulling when out for walks, and more built-in manners from your family’s new furry friend! You can spend your time and energy welcoming your pet into the home instead of having to completely train a younger animal.

3. Old dogs (and cats) can learn new tricks!
Even if your new, older pet hasn’t received any formal training, adult dogs and cats are calmer and more focused than their puppy and kitten counterparts. That makes them the perfect candidates for learning basic commands or more impressive moves for treats. Former owners may have already taught your new furry friend how to sit, stay, or lay down, too!

4. Age is just a number!
Senior pets provide just as much love, companionship, and excitement as younger ones! No matter the number of years lived, pets still enjoy regular exercise, playtime, and Netflix marathons on the couch with you. Let an adult pet lead a more relaxed, caring life by your side.

5. Older shelter animals aren’t “problematic” pets!
Older dogs and cats lose their homes for a number of reasons, usually having nothing to do with their behavior or personality! Common reasons older pets are surrendered to shelters like ours include moves, career changes, new babies, death of a guardian, allergies, and more. Don’t make the mistake of assuming an older pet is available for adoption because something is “wrong” with them!

6. Years of love and fun are still ahead!
Dogs and cats live for 10-15 years on average, and many live even longer than that. A 5-year-old pet has lots of love and adventures to share with you, and providing a home to an animal in its “golden years” can be just as rewarding and special!

7. Senior pets need homes, too!
Adult pets are often passed over by potential adopters for younger animals. By adopting a shelter senior, you’ll give that dog or cat the second chance at a happy, healthy life they deserve.

8. Many shelters offer senior discounts — for both pets and people!
November is recognized as “Adopt a Senior Pet Month” nationwide, and many animal shelters offer discounted or waived adoption fees for pets above a certain age to celebrate the occasion. They may offer senior pet discounts year-round, too! Call or visit your local shelter to see what promotions might be going on when you’re ready to adopt.

Shelters often offer adoption specials for senior citizens, too — our Seniors 4 Seniors Adoption Program allows adopters 60 years and older to take $50 off the adoption fees of all dogs 3 years and older and cats 1 year and older every day!

9. Pets don’t outgrow cuteness!
All pets are cute, no matter their age! Need we say more?

Love has no age limit, and our senior pets are ready and waiting to meet you! When the time comes to open your heart and home to an older dog or cat, be sure to visit our Facebook Page or email us at to find out which pets are available for adoption. 
The John Russell Company Honey Fundraiser

The John Russell Honey Company Fundraiser will run from November 19 - 30.

For flavors/variaties we have: 
Mixed Berry Blast! 
Cinnamon Stick 
Creamed Blueberry 
Creamed Cinnamon 
Creamed Raspberry
Creamed Saskatoon
Creamed Strawberry
Honey Apple
Honey Dill
Creamed Peach
Pure Creamed Honey
Pure Liquid Honey
Pure Wildflower Honey
Pure Sunflower Honey
Piña Colada
Chocolate Banana
Strawberry Rhubarb Honey 
375 g Squeeze Bears 

Honey Sticks:
25 Lemon Sticks
25 Clover Sticks
25 Maple Sticks
25 Cinnamon Sticks
25 Lavender Sticks
25 Chocolate Sticks
25 Wild flower Sticks

Other Items:
Honey Lotion Bar
Honey Lip Balm 
Honey Beard Oil 
Queen Bee Soap 
Honey Body Wash 

All honey is packaged in 12oz / 375g glass jars.
Lotion bars are 3.5 ounces, in brushed aluminum tins.
Honey glycerin soaps are 80g and are individually wrapped.

You can print off an order form or email your order and we will add it to our master list. 

Payment Options: Payment will be due when you place your order. Cash, cheque (payable to BTPRSM) or e-transfers (

November Playgroup

Come out and enjoy some indoor playtime!

All socialized dogs are welcome. ONLY $5.00/family and Dogs are FREE!!!

Proceeds from this event go towards the Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba.

We are an all-volunteer rescue organization completely funded by donations and donated items. 100% of monies raised go directly to the medical and daily care of the Bostons and Pugs in our care.

Holiday Fun Dog Day Fundraiser

Flying fur getting out of hand? Dog's nails getting too long? Need baking for the holidays? Looking for some cute Christmas photos of Fido? Look no further!!!!

On Sunday, November 26th, from 10 am - 3 pm. You are invited to a Holiday Fun Dog Day at Vada's Club K9, 628 St. Anne's Road, in support of Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba!

The awesome staff at Vada's Club K9 will be performing the De-Shedding for only $15 and "Pawdicures" for only $10.

Santa Photos will be taken by the talented Coralee Penner of Red Photo Co. 
Photos are $10/pose. 

To reserve your sitting for Santa photos please call Vada's @ (204) 221- 0998 . (We might have some walk in spaces for Santa photos). Please note: you will get a digital file emailed to you, so you can print it yourself or get Christmas cards done. If you do not have email, an alternative will be provided. Appointments for the Photos will start at 10:30 am - 2:45 pm.

Pawdicures and de-shedding are walk-in appointments :). 
Please check out Vada's Club K9 at

We are also looking for donations to the bake sale and silent auction. If you are able to donate to our silent auction or bake sale (ingredients must be listed on baking) please let us know by emailing for drop off or pick up.

All proceeds from this event, will be donated to Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba!

Winter Online Fundraising Auction

Our winter online fundraising auction will be start on Monday, December 4th at 8:00 am and run until Thursday, December 7th at 8:00 pm. 

We are accepting new and unique items for our online auction. Crafted items are also accepted. See the letter below for more information.

If you have something you would like to donate, you can drop off at our upcoming playgroup on Sunday, November 19th or email us at to make arrangements for pick up/drop off. If you require a donation request letter, please click here to print one off.

To join in the auction fun, please follow this link to the Auction Group Facebook page: groups/746669398722595/

Foster Care Updates

Update on Scarlett...
Scarlett has found her forever family. We still need to sign the papers to make her adoption official. While recovering from her first TPLO surgery, Scarlett tore the ACL in her other leg, so she will be undergoing her second TPLO surgery this week. Please send positive healing vibes for this sweet girl. 

Update on Patrick...
Patrick has completed all his Heartworm treatments and had the lump removed from his head. He has met a wonderful family and will be starting adoption trial with them this weekend. If all goes well he will have a new Min Pin sister named Hazel. Keep your fingers crossed for Patrick that his adoption trial goes well. :)

Meet Gizmo and Gabby...
Gizmo and Gabby are a bonded pair of pugs. They are only 6 months apart in age and grew up together. They are looking for a forever family that will adopt both of them together. We will not be separating them. They are okay with children over the age of 12 years of age. A home with another dog is okay, but must be submissive as Gabby is a little bossy.  If you are interested in learning more about Gizmo and Gabby, please email us at

Meet Herman and Lily...Welcome to the rescue!!! Meet Lily Sparrow(left) and Herman Jack(right). Names were Halloween themed and inspired by Herman and Lily Munster and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

They were surrendered by a family from Sapotaweyak Cree Nation. They are Pug x and approximately 7 weeks old. 

Thank you to Tracy M. and her group for asking us to help out. We are honoured to give these two sweethearts a new start at life. These two babies will not be ready for adoption for about another 4-5 weeks. We will post when we are ready to accept adoption applications.

Donations of puppy food (canned or kibble) (grain-free and premium quality), disposable puppy training pads and of course monetary donations to help pay for their heath checks, vaccines and future spay and neuter.

If you have any questions about Herman or Lily, please email us at

WANTED: New Foster Homes
Foster Homes are the back bone to any rescue.  We are always looking for foster homes and temporary foster homes for when dogs come into our care. The more available foster homes we have, the more dogs we can rescue. If you are interested in fostering for our rescue, please complete this Foster Care Application Form and email it back to us.
Well that’s all the news we have for you now. Check out our Facebook page and our website for adoptable dogs, updates on the dogs needing surgeries and for new fundraisers.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
See you all soon,
Jessica, Rena, Lorraine & Trina
Executive Committee
Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba
Manitoba Basset Hound Rescue
Copyright © 2017 | BTPRSM | All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba
P.O. Box 51063, RPO Tyndall Park
Winnipeg, MB R2X 3C6

Want to change how you receive these emails?
You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list
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Off Leash Dog Parks
Hi all,

In the next few weeks, we will be holding a series of pop-up information booths for the Off Leash Dog Areas Master Plan to engage in-person.

Please visit us at one of the following locations to learn more about the project, speak with members of the project team, and provide us with feedback in regards to off leash areas in Winnipeg.

Date: Saturday, November 25, 2017
Time: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: Animal Services, photos with Santa Event, 1057 Logan Avenue

Date:  Saturday, December 2, 2017
Time: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Location: Kilcona Off-Leash Dog Park, parking lot off of McIvor Ave., 1229 Springfield Road

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017
Time: 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Location: Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex, front hall, 999 Sargent Avenue

If you are unable to visit us at one of our pop-up booths, please visit our project webpage at<> to fill out our online survey and our online mapping tool. All materials that will be presented at the pop-up booths are available on the project's webpage. Whether you are a current off leash area user, a dog owner, or not, we would appreciate your feedback.

If you know anyone who may be interested in visiting us at one of our pop-ups booths, or in our online survey and mapping tool, please share this email!

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Brittany Shewchuk, M.Pl., MCIP, RPP
Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

T+ 1 204-943-3178 #3917
F+ 1 204-943-4948

93 Lombard Avenue, Suite 11
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
R3B 3B1 Canada

 Published: 23 November 2017
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Shock, fury over expropriation plan
Proposed extension of Sterling Lyon Parkway outrages south Charleswood residents
By: Aldo Santin
Posted: 10/30/2017 4:00 AM | Comments: 0
 Post 1

David Ames (right) president of South Wilkes Community Association, walks near his home along with fellow board members (from left) Darren Van Wynsberghe, Tony Shay, Ryan Anhalt and Lori Dobbie.
A consulting firm is being blamed for alarming south Charleswood residents that their homes had been targeted for expropriation and demolition to make way for a massive extension of the Sterling Lyon Parkway.

The residents said they were caught by surprise when informed earlier this month about the proposed east-west corridor, as it was a route that had never been disclosed by the city or proposed as a possible option.


David Ames, left, president of South Wilkes Community Association, points to an undeveloped forest adjoining his home, along with fellow board members (from left) Lori Dobbie, Tony Shay, Darren Van Wynsberghe and Ryan Anhalt.
Resident David Ames said the public should be concerned about the tactics employed by city staff and the consulting firm.

"The story is not that there are expensive homes that were going to be expropriated and demolished, it’s that this was done without consulting the community and (without) oversight," said Ames, who is now president of the recently formed residents group, the South Wilkes Community Association.

"What they’ve been doing in secrecy is disgusting," he said.

City staff along with MMM/WSP Global, held stakeholder meetings and public information sessions in early 2015. Three options were presented to residents at an open house in January 2016: widening Wilkes Avenue from Shaftesbury Boulevard eastward, and two more southerly routes that involved an extension of Sterling Lyon Parkway as the east-west corridor.

The south Charleswood residents overwhelmingly endorsed the Wilkes route and then forgot about the issue.

Staff in the public works department and MMM/WSP Global went to work on the final design for the east-west corridor. Instead of finalizing details for the Wilkes option, or either of the two other options, they developed a fourth route — a southwest extension of Sterling Lyon that cuts a wide swath through several rural-like residential areas. It affects 96 homes along McCreary, Loudon and Liberty streets, Charleswood Road and a number of other streets, which would have to be partially or completely taken for the project and connected at an intersection with the extended Clement Parkway, which would be moved further south, according to this design.

Ames said residents were called to four meetings at the beginning of this month with Scott Suderman, a transportation facilities planning engineer in the public works department, and staff from MMM/WSP Global, who informed them about the new route. Ames said it was presented as the only choice. They were told it would be presented to council for approval in January or February and that construction would begin as early as 2021.

The early October meetings included staff from the city’s real estate office, Ames said, who told the residents they could agree to sell their properties to city hall or wait to have their homes expropriated.

"People were shocked and furious," Ames said. "They were going to lose their homes. This was a done deal. Suderman and MMM/WSP Global said this is their recommendation to council and they’re not looking at any other option and haven’t looked at any other option for a long time."

Ames said the value of the affected properties immediately dropped 40 to 60 per cent.

"I have a neighbour in her 80s who can’t sell her property until this has been resolved," Ames said. "We are obligated to disclose this project to any buyer. There are so many people who have been injuriously affected by this, it’s unbelievable."

While Suderman and MMM/WSP Global were talking to the residents, senior staff from public works met with councillors on the public works committee on Oct. 6 at a public meeting, but there was no disclosure that an east-west corridor had been chosen or that city staff had initiated discussions about buying residents’ property or raised the spectre of expropriation.

Ames said he immediately contacted area Coun. Marty Morantz and told him what city staff had been planning. Morantz, who is chairman of the public works committee, said he knew nothing about the proposed corridor that involved extending the Sterling Lyon Parkway.

Morantz said he, like the residents, had assumed city staff and MMM/WSP Global had been working on the proposal to widen Wilkes Avenue, adding that he isn’t surprised residents are angry.

"People get upset when they see a plan with a highway going through their house," Morantz said.

Morantz said he was told last summer by the acting director of the public works department that MMM/WSP Global had prematurely filed for an environmental review of an east-west route. He was unaware what that route was. After Ames contacted him earlier this month, Morantz said public works told him the consultants had developed the Sterling Lyon Parkway extension as the preferred route.

Morantz said the public works department had accepted MMM/WSP Global’s proposal and embraced the new corridor route as their choice and had presented it to the residents.

"I’m not happy about what’s occurred," Morantz said.

Morantz said he isn’t prepared to accept the new route and met with Ames and other residents last weekend. Morantz said he took Doug McNeil, the city’s chief administrative officer, with him to the meeting. They assured residents that only the widening of Wilkes would be considered for a future east-west corridor.

Morantz said he’ll introduce a motion at Tuesday’s meeting of the public works committee that will kill the extension of the Sterling Lyon Parkway and expropriation of the residents’ properties.

Ames said he’s been assured by McNeil and by Dave Wardrop, the city’s chief transportation and utilities officer, that the Sterling Lyon Parkway route will not proceed, and the city will only consider the widening of Wilkes Avenue.

Read more by Aldo Santin.
The south Charleswood story has its roots in a decision taken by the new city council. 

At the Nov. 25, 2014 meeting of the public works committee – the first public meeting following the civic election a month earlier – councillors approved a change to the terms of reference for an engineering study examining the southward extension of the William R. Clement Parkway, to include studying the effects of a new east-west corridor on Wilkes Avenue.

The committee approved a department recommendation to increase the engineering design budget to $1.8 million from $800,000, and the contract was later awarded to MMM Group, later known as WSP Global.

MMM Group was at the centre of controversy more than a year ago over its public consultations process and designs for an expansion of Marion Avenue, which proposed the expropriation of more than 100 properties along Marion, including two churches, and the creation of a massive intersection and underpass at Archibald Street.

The south St. Boniface residents claimed that MMM Group had failed to inform them about what was being considered and had excluded most residents from consultations.

MMM Group's work was harshly condemned by the former chairwoman of the public works committee, who described it as "horrible."

The public works department abandoned the project when the MMM Group's design pushed the price tag to more than $900 million from $250 million.

The then-director of public works said MMM efforts had failed to meet the department's expectation and opposed a plan to award the firm another consulting contract to develop a scaled-down version of improvements to the Marion/Archibald interchange.

— Aldo Santin
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The yahoo's were at it again last night. More bonfire's by the clubhouse and for an added treat the still burning logs were pushed up along the fence. With this wind they are going to set the whole park to blaze. Maybe that is the plan!

Oh,I forgot. Donna's, Juice, had a run in with a porcupine near the quarry the other day. I hope she is alright. We haven't had a porcupine in a while at the park.

 Published: 18 October 2017
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Pet First Aid
Our friend Paul, formally of the St. Johns Ambulance, has offered to instruct us in basic first aid and CPR for our pets. We will be having it on Thursday Nov. the 9th. 6:30 - 8:30 PM . In lieu of a fee, please donate to an animal charity.

Sir William Stephenson Library
Public library meeting room in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Address: 765 Keewatin St, Winnipeg, MB R2X 3B9
Phone: (204) 986-7070
Province: Manitoba

Please our 'Contact' and send me an e-mail. RSVP if you are planning to attend.

Cheers, Lloyd

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Washrooms Oct. 02 2017
I just wanted to let you know that the City will be winterizing the plumbing in the park building by the end of the week.

 Published: 04 October 2017
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Oct. 01 2017 Blessing
This was our first grey day for the Blessing for the Animals. Many thanks to Rev. Woodcroft and all that make this event so wonderful.


 Published: 03 October 2017

Dec. 25 2017
Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year

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Bones Dec. 20 2017
There is a box of beef bones on the picnic table near the club house. I don't know who placed them there. I'd be very weary of it. I've contacted the City about this.

 Published: 20 December 2017
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Nov. 06 2017 Fire
Somebody set fire to a car in the North Parking lot. The City has been contacted and will clean up the left overs. Watch out for left over wire and debris.


 Published: 09 December 2017