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Trail Report 2015              

Dec. 17 2015
With all the snow we have had the last couple of days the trails are filled right in. There is a path being formed by a few hardy souls! Sage and I chugged along. Oh, the parking lot is cleared out and the road in is fine.



 Published: 18 December 2015
 Last Updated: 18 December 2015
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Dec. 04 2015
With the warm air that's been happening this week (not that we are complaining what-so -ever!) the trail are getting iced over a slippery.

 Published: 04 December 2015
 Last Updated: 04 December 2015
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Nov. 27 2015

A busy at the Park today. Canada's Snow Birds aerobatic team flew in formation just at tree top overhead of the park (old picture). They are here for the Grey Cup, (no Blue Bombers though) there will be a lot of tourists in town so make sure to give everybody a warm Winnipeg welcome!

Also I saw a Red Fox out in the field that borders the 8th hole of Players Golf Course.

 Published: 27 November 2015
 Last Updated: 03 December 2015
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Nov. 19 2015


We'll we knew it was coming. Our first blast of winter! Farmers Road was fine, parking lot and the trails were not bad at all. The dogs were having a great time playing in the snow.

 Published: 19 November 2015
 Last Updated: 21 November 2015
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Nov. 14 2015 Skunk
I received a phone from Wally this morning that the skunk was dead along Saskatoon trail, north of the Golf Course Trail. I've called 311 and the Province and they will take care of the body. Please keep the dogs away from it.

From 311

Thank you for your email. I appreciate you including the additional details regarding the location. That is a huge help when dealing with a big area like the park. I have reported the skunk to our crews in charge of picking up dead animals. It will be attended to within 1 business day.

 Published: 14 November 2015
 Last Updated: 19 November 2015
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Nov. 13 2015
The City conducted it's burn of the Big Field today. They got lucky on the weather. Hopefully they will put it out this time!



 Published: 13 November 2015
 Last Updated: 19 November 2015
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Nov. 12 2015
You can still smell skunk in the air right by the end of the 5th hole along the Golf Course trail.

 Published: 12 November 2015
 Last Updated: 19 November 2015
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Nov. 11 2015 Skunk Alert
Heads up or I should say noses up everybody. Skunk alert people! Two of the dogs (Ruff and Patty) got sprayed this morning at the farm house (SW corner) of the park. The smell was still strong in the air when we had gotten there.



 Published: 11 November 2015
 Last Updated: 19 November 2015
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Trails Nov. 05 2015
I wrote this to the City council and the head of the Parks Branch today.

' I thought that you should be made aware of the trail situation at Little Mountain Park. The City crews went in today with a Bob-cat (I guessing) with a blade to remove some downed trees after the wind storm a couple of weeks ago. They carved up the already rain soaked saturated trails with the tracks and blade. The crew created one heck of a mess, knocked down trees and peeled up the grass in different spots."


 Published: 06 November 2015
 Last Updated: 12 November 2015
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Nov. 04 2015
Enough with the rain already! The trails are really getting swampy. You might want to consider breaking out the rubber boots.



 Published: 05 November 2015
 Last Updated: 05 November 2015
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Nov. 03 2015
So, okay I lied, or at least the weather office did! Still raining and grey. Trails are what they are so brings towels and hope for the best.

 Published: 03 November 2015
 Last Updated: 03 November 2015
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Oct. 29 2015
We saw a Great Grey Owl in the middle of the park along the Main Trail this afternoon. Hopefully they will be nesting in the park.


 Published: 29 October 2015
 Last Updated: 29 October 2015
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Oct. 28 2015


After all the rain the last couple of days most of the trails are pretty muddy so bring towels, lots of towels! Next week it looks like the weather could be nice again. There are still a couple of trees down across the trails as well after the wind storm.

 Published: 28 October 2015
 Last Updated: 29 October 2015
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Oct. 12 2015


What a change from yesterday! We go from a fantastic warm weekend to ... this! Be aware that there is a wind warning out when walking the trails. Listen for any cracking of branches and watch out for any debris flying by.

 Published: 12 October 2015
 Last Updated: 12 October 2015
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Sept. 24 2015
What a great fall day. Just ask Maisy who is enjoying her walk and her stick!

 Published: 24 September 2015
 Last Updated: 24 September 2015
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Sept. 05 2015
Labour Day long weekend. Just a tad soggy to put it lightly after the monster downpour yesterday.

Hope everybody's basement stayed dry.

 Published: 05 September 2015
 Last Updated: 05 September 2015
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Heat Warning Sept. 03 2015
We have a Heat Warning out for today. Bring lots of water out to the park. Keep your walks short and don't over do it.

 Published: 03 September 2015
 Last Updated: 05 September 2015
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Aug. 27 2015
Great day for a walk in the Big Field and watching the bees hard at work.

 Published: 27 August 2015
 Last Updated: 27 August 2015
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Aug. 23 2015

What a fun filled weekend this turned out to be. Even after all the heavy rain and winds the trails are not bad shape at all. There are the usual muddy spots but overall not to bad.


 Published: 23 August 2015
 Last Updated: 23 August 2015
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Aug. 10 2015
Holy Hannah! Sage and I made the mistake of walking down the Golf Course trail today. The mosquitoes were so thick that we pretty much had to run to the Small field. No fun at all for the dogs. At least there is a breeze in the Big Field.



 Published: 10 August 2015
 Last Updated: 23 August 2015
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Nasty Weather
The clouds rolled yesterday but the storm went right around the park.

 Published: 08 August 2015
 Last Updated: 23 August 2015
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Aug. 05 2015
A good rain today. We really needed it. So dress accordingly on your walk.

 Published: 06 August 2015
 Last Updated: 06 August 2015
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July 9 2015
The trails are in great shape except for Hawthorne which has two muddy spots in the middle (guess you found that out!), and Frog Bog is good and muddy near the small field. 

Strawberry's are out, Saskatoon's are about a week or two away. There are a few ready for picking but not really that many yet. Chokecherry's are a long way off as well as the plumbs.

 Published: 09 July 2015
 Last Updated: 09 July 2015
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June 22 2015
The trails are not in that bad a shape after the rains. The same old mud and puddles in the normal spots. Farmer rd. however is a real treat with all the truck traffic on it. I seen today that 1/4 down was being placed on the road but that won't last long.

 Published: 23 June 2015
 Last Updated: 23 June 2015
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June 07 2015
After all the rain we had the trails are not in bad shape at all, muddy in spots but not bad. But bring the bug spray with you and don't plan on standing still for very long! Be warned (sound like Dracula).

 Published: 07 June 2015
 Last Updated: 07 June 2015
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May 28 2015
After the rain today there were a few puddles on the trails that could be easily side stepped (if you have a Lab you'll understand!). The fallen trees from the storm have been cleaned up. Frog Bog is still full of water. And Manitoba's favourite bug are coming up with the standing water!

 Published: 28 May 2015
 Last Updated: 28 May 2015
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May 22 2015
The trails for the most part have dried up nicely.' Frog Bog' is full of water and muddy, the edges of the Golf course trail have water in them and at the end of the 5th hole is a bit of a lake. Lots of standing water there so you know what that means! Still a lot of trees across the trails.

 Published: 23 May 2015
 Last Updated: 23 May 2015
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May 18th 2015

What a mess after the storm yesterday! Trees were downed everywhere. The trails have large puddles and most are very muddy. Great fun for a the dogs that like to splash and get muddy.


 Published: 18 May 2015
 Last Updated: 19 May 2015
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May 06 2015
Little bit of rain made it a tad muddy in a couple of spots on every trail. Nothing out of the normal on a rainy day!

 Published: 06 May 2015
 Last Updated: 19 May 2015
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May 03 2015
All trails dry except for the middle of Hawthorn trial which is still muddy.

 Published: 03 May 2015
 Last Updated: 03 May 2015
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