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Puppy Bio's  

Pet and Owner Bios
We have created this space for you, the dog owner to tell us a little bit about yourself, your dog and what makes Little Mountain such a special place to be.

Use the contact form to submit your bio, we will try to post it on the site within the same day of receiving it (but summer is short in Manitoba - so we are making no promises for June, July, and August).

You may send a photo to be included in your bio (one per puppy, per bio) to  It may take a little while to post photos - especially if there are lots of sunny evenings and weekends.  So please be patient, and do not send multiple copies of the same photo - we will let you know if we have any problems receiving it.

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Hello my name is Tessa

Type of Dog: Collie mixed breed, female spayed,

Age: 6 yrs.

Mom: Kathryn Kawka

Favorite Toy: Anything I can play tug of war with.

Activity: I love to explore and chase squirrels. Often I can be seen at Little Mountain sitting at the base of a tree waiting for that darn squirrel ! I also love playing fetch in the Big Field.

Thoughts and Comments: I think Little Mountain Park is one of the best places in the world !! 
 Published: 15 April 2008
 Last Updated: 16 April 2008
 Hits: 2177


Name: Charlotte

Age: 7 years old

Type of Dog: Shetland Sheepdog, female spayed.

Mom: Kathryn Kawka

Favorite Toy:All my soft toys.

Activity: Herding my sister and brother; chasing birds; voicing my opinions at every opportunity

Thoughts and Comments: I think I'm wonderful.

 Published: 15 April 2008
 Last Updated: 16 April 2008
 Hits: 2270


Hello world I'm Sierra

Type of Dog: German Shepherd

Dad: Ron and Auntie Monica (doggie sitter)

Toy: Chewber (friesbee), rope toy, and hockeyballs

Activity: Chasing snowballs/ sticks in the winter 

Thoughts: I believe she is always thinking, "Let's play forever or until I say stop!" 
 Published: 20 April 2008
 Last Updated: 20 April 2008
 Hits: 1906

Hello my name is Chinook, anybody up for a swim ?

Dad: David Boisvert 
 Published: 28 April 2008
 Last Updated: 30 April 2008
 Hits: 1840

Hi there, my name is Nanook

Dad: David Boisvert 
 Published: 28 April 2008
 Last Updated: 30 April 2008
 Hits: 1793

Hello world, I'm Koda

Type of dog: Flat Coat Retriever

Mom and Dad: Sue and Jim McNaught

Favorite Toy: I like everything, what's the rush it's such a nice day.

Activity: Evil squirrel hunting, sleeping, and eating

Thoughts for the day: Anybody want a hug, anybody want to give me a hug ?
 Published: 04 May 2008
 Last Updated: 05 May 2008
 Hits: 2007

Hi there everybody I'm Daisy

Type of Dog: Boxer and Rotty Cross

Mom and Dad: Thorunn and Vince Richter

Favorite Toy: Chews and Tug of war thingie !

Activity: Very easy walks with lots of time to visit anything of interest along the way.

Thoughts: The park is the best place in the world.
 Published: 02 May 2008
 Last Updated: 05 May 2008
 Hits: 1786

Hello Little Mountain Park , I'm Sheena

I'm a Canadian Special, yes I am!

Mom and Dad: Barb and John Johnson

Favorite Toy: Whatever the other dogs are playing with.

Activity: Racing for a ball, chasing the evil squirrels, riding to the store, riding to Little Mountain Park, riding to other Parks, doing agility, and did I forget to mention riding in MY car ???

Thoughts: Where did MY car go without me !! ??
 Published: 04 May 2008
 Last Updated: 06 May 2008
 Hits: 1933

Nikki (Richter)
I'm Nikki

Type of Dog: Yellow Lab

Mom and Dad: Thorunn and Vince Richter

Favorite Toy: Ball,Ball and more Ball and I'll play frisbie till I drop!

Activity: Chasing the ball or frisbie and splashing in the water, like there's something else !

Thoughts: I'm never happier than in the park.
 Published: 02 May 2008
 Last Updated: 06 May 2008
 Hits: 1848

Nikki (Riel)
Nikki is a 3 1/2 year old black lab cross who frequents the park on a mostly daily basis.  She can usually be found in the quarry pond or any puddle of water (or mud!!!), but don't blink or you may miss her, she is very fast and high energy. 

She likes to play with tennis balls or the biggest stick she can find in the park. 
Nice job on the website thanks for putting it up,
Derek and Sarah Riel
 Published: 06 May 2008
 Last Updated: 06 May 2008
 Hits: 1772

Greetings, I'm Chloe

Type of Dog: Well, I'm a Black Lab, female and I'm 7 years old

Mom and Dad: Ken and Tanya Loeppky

Favorite Toy: My Kong ( with Peanut Butter- yummm!) and my stuffed trout

Activity: I love walks, tug of war and chasing my flying squirrel

Thoughts and Comments: Any more cookies ? I think I'm in need of some !! 
 Published: 04 May 2008
 Last Updated: 08 May 2008
 Hits: 1840

Hi, I'm Bailey

I'm a Golden Retriever/Husky mix, female, 4 years old.

Mom and Dad: Ken and Tanya Loeppky

Favorite Toy: All my squishy stuffed animals

Favorite Activity: RUNNING !!!!

Thoughts and Comments: Where's Chloe?? Does she like you? Ummmm, where's my mom !!
 Published: 04 May 2008
 Last Updated: 10 May 2008
 Hits: 1845

Hi there, I'm Brandy

I'm a Golden Retriever

Mom and Dad: Thorunn and Vince Richter

Favorite Toy: Ball

Activity: Chasing the ball and teasing my big sister Nikki, and, well, snuggling with dad.

Thoughts: I just love my runs in the park no matter what time of the year or the temperature.
 Published: 02 May 2008
 Last Updated: 10 May 2008
 Hits: 1883

Name: Martin T. Catt

Age: 7 years old

Type of Dog: Cat

Mom: Kevin's Mom

Favorite Toy: See photo.

Activity: Sleeping, chasing birds, eating, hanging out with others of equal intelligence (see photo).

Thoughts and Comments: I like my furry friend!
 Published: 07 April 2008
 Last Updated: 10 May 2008
 Hits: 1943

Hello everybody, my name is Jack

I'm a Jack Russell crossed with, well, uh, hum, if you know please tell me .....

My family are Denny, Gerry and Nancy

Favourite Toy is my Stuffed Beaver ...

Activity: Barking at Koda, having my walks with Nancy and training.

Thoughts: Every other dog looks good from the rear ! 
 Published: 09 May 2008
 Last Updated: 12 May 2008
 Hits: 1885

Hello there, I'm Ziggy

Type of Dog: Standard Poodle

Mom and Dad: Cynthia and Ben

Favorite Toy: The Laser Light, I get it, I will !!

Activity: What else, evil squirrel hunting.

Thoughts: I AM the " Queen of Little Mountain Park" , and don't forget it !
 Published: 08 May 2008
 Last Updated: 12 May 2008
 Hits: 2016

Hi, I'm Keela !

Breed: Border Collie X (although some say I'm a purebred smooth coat).

Mom: Lee Christie

Favorite toy: Who has time for toys when there's food to be eaten and people to outwit ! But if I must, my moon ball that holds treats.

Activity: Eating!! Also chasing and playing mind games with squirrels, deer, rabbits, groundhogs, mice etc., etc....

Thought for the day: I'm bored. Let's do something else now.
 Published: 08 May 2008
 Last Updated: 12 May 2008
 Hits: 2049

Hi, I'm Tango !

Breed: Australian Shepherd X  ( with collie ?? ) 

Mom: Lee Christie

My Favourite Toy: my pink piggie

Activity: Following my Mom wherever she goes ........ and I do mean wherever. Barking is pretty cool too.

Thoughts: Life sure is good now! 
 Published: 08 May 2008
 Last Updated: 12 May 2008
 Hits: 1870

Hello there, my name is Lexi

Type of dog: Shepherd and Rotti mix

Dad and Grandma: Gramma Henryka and Wally

My favourite toy: Anything I can destroy

Activity: Eating, visiting, sleeping and going for car rides

Thoughts for the day: When are we gonna eat and go for a ride !
 Published: 10 May 2008
 Last Updated: 12 May 2008
 Hits: 2002

Cleo and Titi
Hello world we're Cleo (patra) and (Nefer) Titi - female litter mates.

Types of Dogs: St. Bernard mix with retriever

Mom: Susan

Favourite Toy: Cleo - a "Bear-with-little-brain;" Titi - Cleo !

Activity: Cleo - Tug-of-War; Titi - preventing Cleo from playing Tug-of-War !

Thoughts and Comments:

Can we go now ? Uh, can we go now ?
Are we there yet ? Uh, are there yet ? 
We're here ! Oh Boy, we're here !
No! No! Hot Dogs !
Oh Boy. Hot Dogs. No Quarry !
More, More !
Oh ! Oh ! Run, run.
You can't catch me !
Bet I can !
510924 Hike! Pass! Inercept ! Tackle ! Roll!
OH! OH! Puddles! Puddles!
Splash, splash, splash !
Splash, splash, splash !
Splash, splash, splash !
Oops ! Where's mom ? 
Mom! Mom! Mom! (translation : Hot dogs! Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs !)
Whew, I'm bushed. Me, too. Let's go home. There's the car.
Uh-oh ! To the Quarry ! The Quarry !
Run! Run fast !

We can form a circle, but we can not be a circle - Ursula LeGuin

Hey there Guys and Gals, I'm Quincy and I'm a ball addict. I can say that now after years of therapy.

I'm a Golden Retriever

My mom and dad are Jade Wish and Scott McDonald

Favorite Toy: If you have to ask me you have never met me! But for those who don't know me I am the Golden hiding in the bush with my ball so no one can steal it, (p.s. I do not like to share) but am very friendly and will gladly steal your ball if given a chance. I bring my ball with me everywhere and can even fit two in my mouth ! Want to see ... look, over there,  Elvis! Gone!

Thoughts for the Day: I love the Park and need to come everyday otherewise my day would not be complete, I feel like this is my second home !

Comments: I may be loud when I want attention but I am a lover not a fighter!! 
 Published: 22 May 2008
 Last Updated: 23 May 2008
 Hits: 1854


Hi there, my name is Bandit

Type of Dog: Mixed breed, male neutered.

Age: 8 yrs.

Mom: Kathryn Kawka

Favorite Toy: Anything I can chew !

Activity: I love to run but I'm not allowed off my leash, ( yet, baa, ha, haa )! I also like to bury stuff in the backyard.

Update May 23, 2008: I'm off leash now !! YAAAY !!! I'm the dog you see running full tilt up and down the Big field visiting every dog I see to introduce myself. I hope to meet you all soon. Isn't little Mountain great ??

Thoughts and Comments: I'm new to my family. My mom brought me home from the Humane Society on Dec/07. I'm really good with humans and I'm starting to socialize with other dogs.
 Published: 15 April 2008
 Last Updated: 23 May 2008

Hello Little Mountain Park I'm Sienna

I'm a 5 year old mix, some from Manitoba and some from Saskatchewan.

My dad is Les Salkeld

Activity: I enjoy sniffing around and enjoying my own thoughts.

Thoughts for the Day: Right now my dad and I are enjoying quadding in the Cutarm in Saskatchewan, but I'll be back in November. I think I might be able to sneek back for a visit over the summer, Cheers. 
 Published: 24 May 2008
 Last Updated: 26 May 2008
 Hits: 1918

Hello everybody, I'm Rudy

I'm a European Lab and I'm eight years old.

Anna Marie, Paul and Marc are my family. I've been with them a year now, My previous owners gave me up. I spoil them and they spoil me back. It's a Great Deal, yes it is !

Activity: My favourite thing in life ( other than food ) is to be at Little Mountain Park.

Thoughts and comments: You will see me ambling through the park as I'm very arthritic. Marc says I consider the whole world as my pack. I love everything in the world. Is that not the way we should all be ? I think so ! 
 Published: 24 May 2008
 Last Updated: 26 May 2008
 Hits: 1742

Hello there I'm Milo

I am the head of the Johnson family

My staff are Barb and John Johnson and Sheena

Toys ? Right ! That would be the mice along the creek behind the house.

Thoughts: I don't get out to Little Mountain Park , but I like it when Sheena goes becuse when she comes home we can have a nap together. I also like to hide in Sheena's tunnel and surprise her when she tries to come through it. 
 Published: 25 May 2008
 Last Updated: 26 May 2008
 Hits: 1896

Pat E Kakes
My name is Pat E Kakes (aka: Kakes cuz I like to eat !)

I am a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

My mom and dad are Al and Lea

Favourite Toy: Well that's my Big Brother Ruff

My thought for the day: Where's Ruff ? Where did Ruff go ? Did you see Ruff ? Where's Ruff ? ..... 
 Published: 25 May 2008
 Last Updated: 26 May 2008
 Hits: 1882

Ruff McDuff
Hello folks, my name is Ruff McDuff

I'm a soft coated Wheaten terrier, yes I am.

My mom and dad are Al and Lea.

My favourite toy is, well, hey, I 'm too cool for toys but I love the pond! Can a pond be a toy? I think it can!

Activity: Hiding from Pat E Kake, sleeping, getting dirty, contemplating life, and oh, hiding from Pat E Kake.

A thought for the day: Where's the mud? What stinks? Where's that brat gone? 
 Published: 25 May 2008
 Last Updated: 26 May 2008
 Hits: 2128

My name is Emma and I'm a Husky-Wolf cross

My mom and dad are Maria & Bruce Johnson and my gramma & grampa are Barb & John Johnson

My favourite toys, well, that would be my two cats.

Activity: When I was young (I'm a big girl now), I went to work with mom everyday at the Natural History Museum at Nutimik Lake in the Whiteshell. I got to meet all the people and play with the kids. Now all I have to do is sit around and look cute.

Thoughts: I don't get to Little Mountain Park very often because I live on the other side of the city but when I do get there I have such a good time and there are so many nice people and other dogs. I LOVE IT !!
 Published: 23 May 2008
 Last Updated: 14 June 2008
 Hits: 1755

Hi everybody, my name is Harley Roth. If I ever get lost from my family, please check my right ear for my tatto, or take me in to any Vet and ask them to check my microchip.

I like to swim in the quarry at Little Mountain Park, I also love to run around and play with all the other dogs there. I have such a good life now since my mom took me in from a shelter, I'm even getting over some of my "trust" issues. I'll fetch any ball anyone wants to throw for me.
 Published: 14 June 2008
 Last Updated: 17 June 2008
 Hits: 1918

Hi everybody, my name is Cheyanne and I was born on Nov. 30 2006. I am told I'm a Golden Retriever mixed with Huskey and something else! I just think I'm human. I live here in Winnipeg with my sister Carmel, my mom, Pat, dad Ken and my human sister Amy. I have only been with them since Feb. 2008 and I love them very much.

My favourite pastimes are bugging my sister Carmel, chewing bones, watching the rabbits out the front window and of course running free at Little Mountain Park. Both my sister and myself love swimming and try to get in the water whenever we can.

I am taking Good Canine Citizen and hope to someday visit at my mom's work like my big sister.

I am going to be a Doggy Blood Donor like my big sister at CABB, I think I'll let her go first,because I'll be a bit nervous. I get to wear a very pretty Red neck scarf afterwards. It will make me feel pretty good to help my canine friends out.

 All the best in your donation, your friends at LMP.

 Published: 03 July 2008
 Last Updated: 08 July 2008
 Hits: 1847

Hi ! My name is Carmel and I was born in Carman Manitoba on Oct. 30, 2005. I live in Winnipeg with my mom, Pat and my dad, Ken and my new sister Cheyanne (and my human sister Amy, my human brother Allan went far away and now lives in Germany, I sure do miss him a lot).

I love going to Little Mountain Park, to run and play ball ( and swim when I can get away from mom).

Playing ball, chewing bones and playing with my sister are my favourite pastimes,( except when I'm curled up beside mom).

I also visit the elderly at the PCH, where my mom works. I have my Good Canine Citizen course and have taken Agility as well.

I am also a Canine Blood donor at the CABB. This month( July) I will make my 4th donation. I feel very proud to be able to help my canine friends who might be in need.

We are too, all your friends at LMP !
 Published: 03 July 2008
 Last Updated: 08 July 2008
 Hits: 1830

My name is Memphis and I am a Humane Society special ( in other words we aren't sure just exactly what I am). we think I am around 5 years old but I still act like a puppy. I found my mom, Jenah, at the Humane Society and it was love at first sight and we have been together ever since. We have been doing a lot of work together on my listening and leash skills and if I do say so myself, they are coming along nicely.

I love going to the dog park and meeting all the new faces although mom is still a little nervous so you may see me on a leash sometimes, ( .... humans ). It's not that I am not friendly, I just don't always listen the best.
 Published: 16 November 2008
 Last Updated: 25 November 2008
 Hits: 1820

Hi, my name is Mandy, Miss Mandy, Mandy Mouse or Mandy Mooch ( whatever you prefer ).

I'm not really sure what I am. Pretty sure there's some Border Collie in me but I never did get legs. I look kinda like a mini-border. I'm not shy to say how cute I am though !

My mom is Lisa and my dad is Chris. I have two human sisters: Caitlin and Courtney, two cat brothers: Mo and Cole and one cat sister: Tia.

I love my cats! I love running, chewing, playing and hunting. I'm not a big fan of swimming and my favorite part of the day is when we go to Little Mountain Park! Thank you to all you people who give me treats even when my mom says " no" because they don't feed me at home. The main reason I make them go to the park daily is to get fed. Thank you !!!

See you at the park!

Love: Mandy            You're Welcome
 Published: 15 November 2008
 Last Updated: 25 November 2008
 Hits: 1856

I was born April 19th 2005. Petland say that I am a Dachshund, Terrier and Border Collie. When I was 4 months old, the lady I lived with moved to an apartment and I couldn't go along, so I went to stay at Petland for a few days. One day a couple of fellows came into the store and were very nice to me, so I decided to go and live with them. Their names are Bob and Shane.

It was a great decision. They took me for walks everyday along some railroad tracks, but it was a pretty bumpy route with tangled weeds, and I had to jump a lot because I have short legs.

after a couple of weeks we happened to drive by this big field and I saw a bunch of interesting looking strangers cavorting and running free. I decided that I wanted to stop and see if they wanted to play. sure enough, they loved more company so I joined them and we've been visiting the park every day since!

It is a wonderful place, and I have lots of friends there, but mostly I like to chase orange balls. You wouldn't call me a retriever though, because I prefer to have the party that threw the ball, come to me ! I chase the ball and then wait for everybody to catch up.

In the summer I like to chase the ball, or rabbits, squirrels, or any other 4 legged creature that crosses my path. In winter I love to bury the ball in the snow, preferably near a log, and see if I can dig it up. If I can then I throw it to the other side of the log and see if I can still reach it. You will see my snow tunnels all over the park.

Since June of 2007, I have two partners that have come to live with me. Bear and Sheba are my best friends and we all love one another.
 Published: 15 February 2009
 Last Updated: 16 February 2009
 Hits: 1917

I was born June 29th, 1999. My Vet says that I am a Shepherd Cross. Until June 15th of 2007, I lived in Matlock. We had lots of property and our yard was fenced but just ornamental and nothing to impair my comings and goings. I lived there with my partner Sheba and with a couple that waited on me hand and foot. They had a truck and it never left the yard without me in the back. I don't know what happened but a white car came and picked up my dad one day in June of 2006 and I never saw him again. In June of 2007 that same white car came and I never saw my mom again. I miss them.

My mom, Sheba, and I sometimes came to the City to stay with friends Bob and Shane and our pal Rocky.The day the white car came for my mom, Bob and Shane brought us to the City for a visit. We expected to go home again for a long time, but now we have made our small fenced yard a happy place to be. We love to play with Rocky and we all go to Little Mountain every day to meet all of our friends. It has lots of fields and bush, just like our old home used to. I never liked to poop on the grass. I only like to do that in the bush with nobody watching. Sometimes I have a tough time waiting until we get to the park but most of the time I can do it!

I have a little bit of Arthritis and my Veterinarian pumped a bit of Cartrophen Vet into my right front leg. Most of the time I saunter along the paths, chase rabbits and squirrels, just like a young pup, but sometimes the stiffness and soreness comes back and I have to walk a little slower.

My favorite activity is walking along and taking time to smell the flowers!
 Published: 15 February 2009
 Last Updated: 16 February 2009
 Hits: 1875

I was born on New Years Eve 2000. My Vet says that I am an Akita Cross. I have lived with my partner Bear since I was born. He is my best friend. We used to live in the country but in June of 2007 we moved to the City to live with my next best friend Rocky. I like to get up early because we always get a treat when we come back inside after our first trip out in the morning! I am pretty dark, and if I go out before it is light, they sometimes forget that I have already been out and I get a second treat ( humans )! We let Bob and Shane live with us because they have thumbs and it is helpful to have humans around when you are hungry. They take us to Little Mountain every day, and we love to meet our friends there. I really like wrestling and having fun.

I spend every day examining the grass, twigs and some foreign objects, chasing rabbits, squirrels and mice around the park, and playing with Rocky, Bear and all of our friends. When I see someone sleeping, I love to jump on the bed and lick their face. I like to lick people, but they don't seem to like it if they are awake. They even put up a pretty good fight when they are asleep.
 Published: 15 February 2009
 Last Updated: 16 February 2009
 Hits: 2135

This is Moya, born July 28th 2008. Mom and dad are Karen and Ron and Talyn is her best friend and prentend brother.

Moya used to be afraid of everybody but with all the friends she has made at the park really have helped her get over her fears and now, she loves to stop and say hello to everyone.
 Published: 01 March 2009
 Last Updated: 01 March 2009
 Hits: 1863

Hi, my name is Amber.

First off, I will tell you just a little bit about myself. On New Years Day of 2007, Myself and four of my litter mates were found wrapped in a white towel, and abandoned in a snowy ditch outside of East Selkirk Manitoba. We were approximately 3 weeks old and obviosly were way too young to be taken from our canine mother. Luckily a kind soul driving down the highway spotted us and took us to a pet rescue before we could freeze to death! Thanks to the kind soul who picked us up and the private rescue who took us in, we received food ( weaning), shelter, medical attention, and most of all, the warmth, care and love we needed. It sure didn't take long for my sisters and I to find homes.

I came to my fur-ever home at 6 weeks of age. my human mom thinks that I am a cross between Golden Retriever, Collie, and American Eskimo. I live with my feline brother Hematite, we play and wrestle together daily. Thanks to Aunty Sally from Hulls Haven for giving my mom a hard time about only having me, I now have a canine brother whose name is Onyx. I love my squeaky ball the most and my favorite outing is going to Little Mountain Park to run, swim, and socialize as you will see from all the pictures mommy has posted of me!
 Published: 01 March 2009
 Last Updated: 02 March 2009
 Hits: 1810

Hello everybody, my name is Talyn. I was born on March 9th 2008, and I'm about to have my first birthday. My mom and dad are Ron and Karen and my little sister Moya is my best friend. I love to play and visit with everyone at the park.

 Published: 01 March 2009
 Last Updated: 01 April 2009
 Hits: 1759

Hello, my name is Milo and I am Springer Spaniel X. I am going to be 3 years old on June 19 th.

My parents are Krista and Ross. They take me to the park and have just as much fun as I do.

My brother and I were adopted from the Winnipeg Pet Rescue by my Dad and my Dad's brother. Sometimes we pick up my brother, Copper, and bring him along too.

My Dad taught me how to tell time and according to this picture, it is 5:00 and time to eat ...

I love doing tricks and my Mom has taught me how to dance, and close the cupboard doors for her. I love to meet new friends at the park and I hope to meet you there soon. Look for me !

 Published: 08 June 2009
 Last Updated: 08 June 2009
 Hits: 1787



My name is Sandy and my owners ( Tammy, Shawn and Ethan ) picked me out of a loving shelter in New Brunswick in 2006 when I was two years old. It was love at first sight. My mom says I reminded her of her childhood family dog, and his name was Sandy too!! He must have been a great dog. The vet says I am a cross between a Golden Lab and a Sheltie ( but that is my secret). My favourite toys are ones I can run with ( ball, stick, Frisbee ) but I especially love to be petted.

I had a great time at the off-leash park and my mom says I behaved well so I can come back ... very excited for my next adventure at Little Mountain Park and hope to meet you soon.
 Published: 16 July 2009
 Last Updated: 18 July 2009
 Hits: 1846

Hi my name is Finnigan and I'm a Springer Spaniel! I moved to Winnipeg from Delvin Ontario to meet my forever parents when I was 6 months old! It was a traumatic transition for me as I had lived on a farm up until then, so city life was a little scary for me! With time, I have learned how to be a great urban dog, except I still get a little scared around new people and loud traffic! I love the water, other dogs and will often come and greet new people at the park. I LOVE Little Mountain and I'm happy that my mom and dad found the place! We try to go there a few times every week. I especially love when I get to swim at the quarry - mom wishes that I would swim first so I wouldn't be wet in the car but there's nothing like a refreshing dip after a long walk at the park!

I can't wait to meet all the new doggy friends at the park and I'm getting much better at letting their humans pet me - but please don't be offended if I don't let you. I'm very friendly, I just need time to warm up to new human freinds!

 Published: 04 August 2009
 Last Updated: 04 August 2009
 Hits: 1815

Hello, my name is Marianne and I wanted to introduce Dexter.

We adopted him from the Humane Society in Sept. 2005 as a 9 week old puppy. Boxer / Sheppard Cross . This guy was very smart right away, and knew to sit really quickly for a cookie. He still loves cookies and he loves going to the dog park especially if it involves getting wet. This is were he can truly be himself, and have fun, running with the other dogs and swimming! He prefers little doggies, and plays with them quite nicely. although an 80 pound dog charging for anyone's small dog must look frightening, once he gets close enough to do the butt up in the air, with his tail wiggling, there is no question of his intentions. His favorite game is to get chased for some odd reason. His best friend at home is a cat named 'Putz'. He probably would hate it if anyone knew this, but he sometimes looses wrestling matches with his 'little brother'. ( Although I'm sure he just lets Putz win). He must confuse some dogs at the park, when he smells like cat.


No matter how long we spend at the park the visits are never long enough!
 Published: 26 September 2009
 Last Updated: 26 September 2009
 Hits: 1821

Hi, I'm Tucker,and I just turned 1 year old. I am in my glory when I'm at Little Mountain Park. I love to run and squeak my ball and meet everybody out walking.

I really like to wrestle, and I will even share my ball, if you can get it ! Wait till you see my new 'Jolly Ball' that I received for Christmas. It doesn't squeak, but it's HUGE !

My family is, Morgan, Rachal and Jason and I'll see you at  the park!


 Published: 30 December 2008
 Last Updated: 08 October 2009
 Hits: 1929


Hello my name is Lucas
I'm a Golden Retriever
My birthday is Sept. 21 2004
My favorite toy is my " Mutt-Nutt"
My mom is Stephanie and my sister is Kayla
" I challenge you to a race !!"
I am an extremely athletic golden with alot of energy!
I love to run and swim, but would settle for a cuddle anyday!!
Many have tried, but only one has succeeded in beating me at a race, so I challenge you to try !!
I am very friendly and love to play, I prefer to play with the little dogs, big dogs seem to pick on me :(
I am very spoiled, as my sister works at Pet Valu so I get lots of toys, treats and the best food in town! I even get to go to work with her sometimes!
I hope to see you all at the park!

Published: 07 January 2009
Last Updated: 08 October 2009
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Hello world , I'm Einstein

I'm a 1 year old Chocolate Lab cross.

My dad Mike, thinks that I'm a terror on 4 legs, but I'm very affectionate.

I like to bug the older dogs- ie: Koda, Billy and Ziggy.

Being a 1 year old, I'm the exact opposite of my name, but one day, I'll get there just you wait !

My dad Mike would like to commend the people in the group for their patience and help.  

 Published: 19 October 2008
 Last Updated: 10 October 2009
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Hello Little Mountain Park, my name is Malibu. I'm a Rottie Sheppard Cross. I was born on Oct. 01 2007 and my dad (who's name is Mike), found me when I was a 6 month old baby girl. We go everywhere together and started coming out here in the Summer of 2009. Little Mountain is my favourite place on Earth. I love running with all the friends I've met here I am very playful and gentle and I listen very well until I get to the park. You'll know me because I always run around carrying a stick to play with, and I want you to chase me. Next summer I'm going to learn how to swim!


At the park there are lot's of sticks, which are my favourite things besides going for my other favourite thing which are going for car rides!
 Published: 10 January 2010
 Last Updated: 10 January 2010
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Hello Little Mountain I'm Beatrix the Cat.

I'm 9 or 10 and my mom and dad are Lisa and Nick Hodges.

My favorite toy is playing with paper and I keep busy by catching mice when they're around and sleeping.

I actually found Beatrix in the west ditch of Klimpke road in April of 2008. Thinking she might have been hit by a car, I pulled over and went to see. She came right over to me as soon as she realized I wasn't going to hurt her and I had food ( dog treats, since Gypsy and I were just at the park). When she got closer, I could see she was skin and bones, her ears and front paws were frostbitten, she had earmites and a big abcess on her leg. I took her home and called the Humane Society, they checked her tattoo and her name was 'Little B' and she was spayed in '02. The listed phone number had been disconnected. After posting 'found' ads, giving my name to the local shelters and asking around all summer, I hadn't heard from anyone. She is such a great cat, Bea now has a permanent home with us!

 Published: 03 February 2010
 Last Updated: 04 February 2010
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Hello world my name is Korby!

I'm 6 months old and was born on 8/06/2009.

I'm a Staffordshire or pitbull terrier mixed with who knows what!

My mom and dad are Lisa and Nick Hodges.

My Favorite Toy, well ... that would be Gypsy.

My favorite activity is , EATING!!!

Korby was brought to McPhillips Animal Hospital when she was 8 weeks old, after she was found wandering the streets. Winnipeg Animal Services said that someone had given a litter of puppies away at a party, and Korby was one of them! My sister, who works there, informed us of this stray puppy, and it was love at first sight. Korby has the sweetest face and most amazing temperament of any dog I've ever know. You'll recognize her when she jumps into your lap and licks your face! She can usually be found eating sticks or following Gypsy around!

 Published: 03 February 2010
 Last Updated: 04 February 2010
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Hi there my name is Gypsy.

I am 3 years old and my date of birth is on 10/22/2006.

I am a Border Collie. My mom and dad are Lisa and Nick Hodges.

My favorite toy is 'Rudy' the stuffed reindeer. I keep pretty active by chasing squirrels, learning new tricks, swimming, going for bike rides, chasing other dogs, and going for car rides!

Gypsy was adopted from D'Arcy's ARC as a 9 week old puppy in December of 2006. She has matured into a playful, brilliant, sometimes stubborn dog and is my best friend! She's been visiting the park since she was a few months old, and loves leaping through the bushes looking for those pesky squirrels. Sometimes when meeting new dogs, she will creep up on them like they are sheep, and she likes trying to 'herd' other dogs. When you see Gypsy coming, Korby shouldn't be too far behind her!

 Published: 03 February 2010
 Last Updated: 04 February 2010
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Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue just got a new ambassador. His name is Riddle. Riddle is 10 months old, a purbred Border Collie. He is a special lad, who steals the hearts of everyone he meets. Why is Riddle so special ? He was born with no eyes. The story goes that Riddle was born at a farm, and the farmer was going to do away with him, but a woman from Beausejour stepped in. She raised him for the first while, but he became too much for her to manage with her home business and with schooling. She contacted a friend of HHBCR's, who sent her our way ... and on Sunday, March 7th, Riddle came into our lives.

When I first met him, I wondered, " My God, what have I done?"

He lay cowering in the back seat of the woman's car. He was shuddering, and if you tried to move him, he bared his teeth and growled a loud warning. With help from a friend, and a muzzle, we managed to manouver Riddle into the house, and into a crate. Time to decompress.

That is where he stayed for many hours. Later that night, I fed him his first taste of raw, and he ate it. Good sign! He drank water. Time to go potty before bed. This involved a lot of screaming ( his, not mine !) and dragging across the floor. Fortunately, I don't have carpet, and he slid fairly easily. Once outside, he walked/crawled, and relieved himself. Same scenario getting back into the home. It is amazing nobody called the police due to the noise.

He slept the night in his crate, and the next morning , we did it all over again. He would only crawl tiny distances, but when he moved forward, I said "Yes!"

The other dogs made wide arcs around him, but eventually sniffed and touched noses. He seemed okay with that. Until the treats came out. Then Riddle became a different dog. Those pretty white teeth look quite menacing when flashed in a warning. A loud " AH!" and a poke with the fingures to his side. The treats are put away. No reward for that behaviour. His sense of smell is remarkable.

Over the next day or two, I discover the reasons Riddle was likely given up. He has aggression issues, Food or Bones will ellicit growling and bared teeth. The beauty of his blindness is, he cannot see me taking the object of his desire away. i place a book in between his flashing teeth and the bone, and sternly tell him " No." picking it up, I then hold it in front of him, and allow him to chew it some. I touch his face. Nothing. I say " YES, Good Boy." I let him nibble a little more, then do the same thing. I see his teeth, and remove the bone. " NO." After doing this a few times, I see a marked improvement. I leave him with his bone.

Monday, Riddle crawled out the door with coaxing, and some pulling on the leash. Going back in is more difficult.

Tuesday, He was actually walking out the door with just my voice, no leash. Remarkable boy! He was getting the lay of the land. Now if I could JUST get back to the door to let him in before he crashes into it . He is pretty quick. At -32 C., you don't want to leave the door open. Heat is a pricey commodity.

At 2:30 on Tuesday, our dear friend and vet, Shannon Steuart, arrived to meet Riddle. I was harbouring a deep hope that somewhere behind those malformed lids, there was at least one viable eye. A quick glance, and Shannon shook her head, no eyes. Disappointing,but not unexpected. In all, she said, he was in good health.

Wednesday at three o'clock in the morning, Riddle crawled up on the bed for a cuddle. Then he decided that it was time for a potty. This time, he went right to the door, and out. No hesitation. He came back in the same way, and found his way to the bedroom, and went back to sleep.

It is Wednesday morning as I write this, and deep inside, I know life is never going to be the same.
 Published: 11 March 2009
 Last Updated: 10 March 2010
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Hello, my name is Blitz and I am a black Lab-X. I was born on December 5,2008, and was adopted from the Winnipeg Humane Society (W.H.S.) on March 27,2009. My two sisters and I were found in a box; can you imagine that? My mom's name is Alice.

I love to play with other dogs, so even though I go to a doggy day care three times a week, I still want to play with other dogs. From time to time my mom fosters dogs for W.H.S. so I have a friend to play with at home. I am good at sharing toys ( and my mom ) with other dogs.

Mom just started to bring me to this lovely park and I love being here but mom is not sure of the other "big" dogs that come here, especially when they growl at me. Because my sense of smell is not good, I tend at times to jab other dogs with my nose and some dogs object to it so they growl. I am trying hard to remember not to do this. I am very friendly with people too, but I will shy away from you if you come up to me first. Sometimes my mom's sister will bring me in, or will come with us to this park. I hope my mom will keep on bringing me here every Wednesday and on the weekends!

 Published: 19 February 2010
 Last Updated: 10 March 2010
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Kaleah (Greening)
Hi everybody!

My name is Kaleah. My parents are Jordan and Kristy and they call me 'Monkey'. I'm a chocolate lab and I just celebrated my 2nd birthday. I am newer to the park so I'm still getting to know everybody. I can come off a bit timid but can't wait to be best friends with everybody.

My favorite toy is found in the park and it's a stick, preferably over 8' long if you please. Watch out if you see me coming around the corner with one of my sticks!

Can't wait to meet all of my new friends!

 Published: 19 February 2010
 Last Updated: 25 March 2010
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My name is Natty ( ie:Stumpy) and I'm the adopted sister of Aanii ( ie: Bug-eyes). My owner's name is Cael. I'm a Border Collie/Husky/Corgi cross from Northern Ontario. Cael had seen me wandering the streets for months before she was able to pick me up. I always too fearful of her and had easily escaped her attempts at capture until I was found in a snow bank beside the elementary school with my feet so frostbitten I was unable to walk properly. At first, no one was sure if I would make it, but I did! I was already old by the time I was taken in, and it's suspected that I'm about 14 now.

I have lost my fear of people, houses, doors, loud noises, the fridge, stairs, things made of metal, mirrors, bowls, carpets, the T.V. , blinds, and brooms. I'm still working on vaccum cleaners!

I don't come to the dog park because I'm deaf now and too slow to keep up. Also, the only other dog I like is Aanii. My favourite things to do in a day are sleep, snore loudly, sniff and lick random people and things, and I like to eat.


 Published: 03 April 2010
 Last Updated: 03 April 2010
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My name is Aanii and I'm a Rottie/Shepherd cross ( mixed with a few dozen other breeds). My owner's name is Cael. I am fairly new to the park and it's the first one I've been to because I've been living up north for the last few years. At the age of two or three I was adopted from a no-kill shelter in Ontario after ( it is suspected )being dumped from a car. At the time, I had not been socialized with other animals or people and still learning proper dog etiquette. Two years ago, Cael found another dog in a snowbank and brought her home, and that's how I got my adopted sister, Natty.

On any given day, my hobbies are barking, playing with my stuffed beaver, barking, going for runs, looking for things to bark at, chasing things and maybe barking!


 Published: 03 April 2010
 Last Updated: 03 April 2010
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Chinook ( Ann K.)
Hi, my name is Chinnok. I'm a Shetland Sheepdog.

I'm almost 2! ( DOB May 28,2008 )

I love coming to Little Mountain Park with my mom, Ann K. and my 'sister' Maia. My favourite things to do are walking down the paths keeping my eye on everything and making sure mom knows where Maia is, and chasing and being chased by Maia. I also love to play fetch!

 Published: 17 April 2010
 Last Updated: 17 April 2010
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Hi everyone, my name is Maia. I'm a Shetland Sheepdog.

I am one and a half! My birthday is Sept. 24, 2008.

My FAVOURITE thing to do is chase squirrels in the bush!! You may see me darting across the paths. I'm always on the look out. I also like to chase my 'brother' Chinook. My mom's name is Ann K. She brings us here a few times a week since I was 12 weeks old. This is the bestest place !!!
 Published: 17 April 2010
 Last Updated: 17 April 2010
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Hey, this is Biscuit, and I am 2 1/2 years old. Many people find me very beautiful. First thing they notice are my eyes. I am happy that my new owner decided to take me from my other owner. After she introduced me to her friend, Blue. We got along well. Good thing she took me home. Oh Boy, I meet two more cats! I love cats. Then my owner took Blue and I to the new park. It's HUGE and has plenty of space for me to run!! I love to run ! Like Blue, I am always busy with sniffing, meeting dogs, but I am shy with people. Hey, ... I spotted a gopher!! Blue, come on ! Let us check it out!! Sorry, I'm busy right now!
 Published: 03 May 2010
 Last Updated: 03 May 2010
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Hello this is Blue, and I am 14 years old! Whenever I am at the park, I always run with my friend, Biscuit who is younger than me. I love to run, and try not to show my age. I fool many people about my age. Everytime people approach me, I am shy, or maybe too busy with other things. My owner always takes me once or twice a week, especially during the weekends. I love this park so much....hold on ... saw a gopher, OH BOY !! Sorry, I have to run and check it out.

Sad news, Blue passed away on June 10/2010. He lived a long and wonderful life and will be truly missed by all. Your friends at Little Mountain.

 Published: 03 May 2010
 Last Updated: 11 June 2010
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Hello Little Mountain my name is Abbie. I'm a Golden Retriever! My mom and dad are Carolyn and Richard. I think that my favourite toy is my ball, when it is in motion! I just love visiting the park. My favourite and best time of the day is our early morning walks in the park.


 Published: 02 July 2010
 Last Updated: 04 July 2010
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Hi, my name is Primo, some of you think I'm a trouble maker. I really am just just a big softy! I just don't like it when a bunch of dogs rush at me in the parking lot. I really would just like to chase gophers out in the field. So please when the sign's say 'On leash Area', please tell your parents to leash you up. Thanks from my dad Mark and me, the big dog, woof, woof.

P.S. I forgot to mention that these are my two friends Tika and George the cat.

 Published: 11 July 2010
 Last Updated: 11 July 2010
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Hello, my name is Joe and my mom is Leanne. She takes me to the park most mornings and every weekend.

I love meeting new dogs and socializing at the park.

I love my vegetables, especially carrots!

I also like to bug my two cats at home.

It was nice to have meet you if I have already and if not, I look forward to meeting you at the park one day!

 Published: 02 May 2009
 Last Updated: 12 October 2010
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Hello Little Mountain, I'm Bosco !

I'm a Boxer X.

My mom and dad are Karen and Rob.

My favorite toy is my Donkey.

The things I like to do, are Walks at Little Mountain and Licking.

My thoughts on the situation well, let me see. I like sticks, they taste so good when they hit your lips !

 Published: 28 March 2009
 Last Updated: 12 October 2010
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Hi everyone, my name is Smokey.

I'm very friendly, but sometimes a little vocal. I was rescued from Ohio. I'm not to sure what my parentage is.

My mom and dad are Kathy and Jim Kurchak.

My favorite toy, well what's your favorite toy because I'll try to steal it from you!

My favorite activity is coming to the park.


 Published: 14 November 2010
 Last Updated: 14 November 2010
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Hello world my name is Jazz.

I'm a Poodle Cross and my mom and dad are Paula and Jason Ediger.

I think my bestest toy is my Stuffed Green Banana.  I love to play chase, are you up for a game?

So my thought is, Dude, play already!
 Published: 22 November 2010
 Last Updated: 22 November 2010
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Harley (Roth)
I'm a 7 year old brat doggie who loves to go to Little Mountain Park whenever my mom has the get up and go to go! When I am at the park there's usually at least one person who asks what kind of breed I am. Well I'm not sure, my mom says I'm a cross between a Basset Hound and a German Sheppard. I'm a big dog at 65 lbs., I just have short legs. Anyone who wants to throw a ball, I'll go get it for you!

 Published: 25 November 2010
 Last Updated: 25 November 2010
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Hello, my registered name is Chili Dog Cool, but my friends call me Chili. I'm a retired racing Greyhound and my dad and mom are Kerry and Stephanie O'Brien



I think that my favourite toy is my stuffed horse or my teddy bear. I don't play chase but I love chasing dogs who do!

So my thought is, run, play and be happy!

 Published: 06 February 2011
 Last Updated: 06 February 2011
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Hello Little Mountain, my name is Shyloh and I'm a Lab X. My dad's name is Roy. I love a stick that's bigger than me! My favourite thing is chasing the rabbits and the squirrels. Hold on, I'm hungry, I better track down my driver to take me home!
 Published: 04 April 2011
 Last Updated: 04 April 2011
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Hello everybody. My name is Wolfgang. I am an Alaskan Malamute Cross. I'm 12 years old. My mommy has taken good care of me. Please don't be afraid of me because I wear a muzzle. I have some fear biting issues. Other than that I am a friendly dog and a big suck!

My favourite thing to do is to come to Little Mountain Park. I have been coming here for 11 years now. I love the swimming, chasing rabbits and squirrels, although I'm not that fast anymore.

I look forward to seeing you and your dogs at the park.



 Published: 05 February 2011
 Last Updated: 05 April 2011
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"My name is Maddy (called "Bratty Matty" when I'm in trouble). I am an athletic 4 1/2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer whose favourite activities are running, jumping, and retrieving. I love being chased by other dogs! I'm very quick, so the game usually lasts a long time, because they rarely catch me! I can be tense at first, because I'm such a high-energy girl, but warm up very quickly and I love to wrestle with familiar dogs. I've practiced agility and disc dogs, and I stay very busy helping my mom (Jillian) run her dog walking & sitting business; I help entertain and exhaust everyone else's dogs!"
 Published: 07 April 2011
 Last Updated: 07 April 2011
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This is Bella, a 2 year old (2011) Black Lab mix. Her family is Bill, Joanna, Nick and Brendan. Bella loves to chew and prove that dog toys are NOT indestructible! She's a little bashful at first, but loves to play. Little Mountain Park is a great park, let's keep it clean.
 Published: 10 April 2011
 Last Updated: 10 April 2011
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Hello everybody, I'm Cole.

Type of Dog: I'm a  Black English Labrador Retriever

Mom and Dad: Lori and Lloyd Johnson and my sister Shelby

Favorite Toy: Oh for heaven's sake, how can you ask me that question! Ball,Ball,Ball... 'nuff said.

Activity: I like to play ball with anybody that will stand still long enough. The best thing in the world is to play and slide in the wet grass and snow. Oh, did I mention my ball?

Thoughts and Comments: I plan to kiss everybody I meet at the park, and catch a squirrel, ( just once )!
 Published: 16 April 2008
 Last Updated: 23 April 2011
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Hello, my name is Shelby

Type of Dog: Black English Labrador Retriever

Mom and Dad: Lori and Lloyd Johnson and my brother Cole.

Favorite Toy: My favorite toy is my stuffed squeaky cow doll, and my green ball.

Activity: My most favorite thing in the world is to lolly gag along, stop and smell the bushes. And to hold people hostage till they give me cookies !


Thoughts and Comments: Little Mountain is better then Costco for treat's and people are so willing to share.
 Published: 16 April 2008
 Last Updated: 23 April 2011
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Hi there my name is Olive. AKA" Lil Miss Pee-pee Pants"!

Type of Dog: Mini Dachshund
Mom: Laurie
Favorite Toy: A stuffed, squeeky Skeleton from Halloween
Activity: In the park I like to chase anything that moves, running into the woods sometimes far far away from my Mom... But I always come back... Eventually!!! I like meeting everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone. I'm friendly and outgoing, always excited and happy to be in the park. I never want to leave so Mom usually tricks me to go somehow, usually through treats. At home I like to play with my many toys... Mom spoils me rotton, curl up on Mom and get a good scratch and tummy rub. I like looking out the window and protecting my Mom by barking at everything that moves... That includes a piece of paper rolling down the street. "Yeah thats right, that paper shouldn't move unless I tell it to!!!"
*Pictures are of Olive in the park, Olive and her Boyfriend Leo at the park, and Olive all tuckered out in the car after the park*


 Published: 06 May 2011
 Last Updated: 07 May 2011
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Hello My name is Gir, I am a 6 years old male Pomeranian,  my dad Justin has had me since I was a puppy, we just moved to Winnipeg a little awhile ago from Dryden and boy are we pleased to find such a great park to visit with all the of other dogs, 
I am super friendly and can't wait to sniff everyone and everything,
hope to see you there    
 Published: 15 August 2011
 Last Updated: 15 August 2011
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Hey everyone! My name is KIKI which is short for Kalikimaka (Hawaiian for Christmas, because I was mommy's Christmas present 2010).
I am a Yorkie/Jack Russell cross with tons of energy!!! I'm very friendly, but sometimes a little nervous around kids.

My mom and big sis are Linda and Larissa who I love very much. 
My first birthday is coming up on Oct. 12th, 2011.
You will usually see me carrying around a stick or plastic bottle because I love them more than all my cool doggie toys. (what can I say? I'm easy to please)

My favorite activity is coming to the park to meet my doggie friends!!!
Hope to see you out there soon!

 Published: 06 September 2011
 Last Updated: 07 September 2011
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Meet Barley, the newest kid on the block!

This is my new "little man" who will probably be a "big man". His name is Barley! Brenda threatened me tonight that I better send a picture. He has already gained 7 pounds. Hopefully we can start coming to the park next weekend.

Can't wait to see him.
 Published: 12 September 2011
 Last Updated: 12 September 2011
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Hi All!


I’m Chelsey, 70 lbs American Bulldog x Siberian husky puppy (I just turned 8 months). I love this park so much because it’s huge and my Dad and Mom lets me off leash most of the time.  I love to play and run with bigger dogs as my Mom gets scared when I play with little ones. I really get excited every Saturday morning, we all wake up early, pick up coffee and off we go to the park.  My favourite place is the open field as I can see dogs from afar and just recently we started having a walk at the trail, my Dad J. and Mom P. loves having long walks with me. Its cool and nice in there.


My parents take me at least thrice a week to play and burn energy.  You can easily spot me. I’m sable in colour w/ cute spotted nose (The staff at Centennial Hospital went crazy when they saw my nose).  I have pink collar w/ all my ids. Please don’t be scared of me, I’m just a very excited and playful dog that’s all!


I don’t have a favorite toy, still learning what to do with a stick, balls doesn’t appeal to me. All I want to do is run run run!


My Mommy promised to upload my picture playing at the park but for the meantime here’s my picture with my Dad’s arms.


I’d love to meet your dogs and see you guys at the park.
 Published: 15 September 2011
 Last Updated: 16 September 2011
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Hello Little Mountain my name is Sherry and this is my dog Chloe.

Hi there. I 'm Chloe, a Northern Manitoba girl who lives with Sherry and Al. I love to chase, and be chased. I love big dogs, little dogs, and chasing bunnies. I like to play with balls at the park but I usually leave them in the bush for someone else to discover .I'm a little shy with people at first, but if you have a friendly dog with you, we'll get along great.

 Published: 20 January 2012
 Last Updated: 23 January 2012
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My name is Rhys D, my dogs name is George, she is a female Siberian Husky X Shepherd . We love coming to Little Mountain almost everyday and seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

 Published: 07 February 2012
 Last Updated: 07 February 2012
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Little Mountain would like to welcome Mystic to our family.

You haven't met me yet because mom says I have to go to Obedience Classes first before I can come to the park. My name is Mystic, and I LOVE to play! Big dogs, little dogs, and in-between dogs - doesn't matter. Mom says I sometimes scare the little dogs because of my size, but I mean no harm... Hope to meet you soon!

 Published: 01 April 2012
 Last Updated: 03 April 2012
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Say hello any time to this outgoing German Shepherd who enjoys visiting both dogs and people at Little Mountain Park. Kiva loves her outings with her mom Joey, and friends Summer and Dinos. Photos were taken at Little Mountain Park --spring, winter.

Occupation: St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog, being in charge of the house when Mom isn't home
Favourite activities: car rides, ball chuck, visiting, tracking
Favourite toys: chuck-it with whistle balls
AKA: Doodley Doo, Kiv
Nemesis: sibling Sam the cat

Thanks to Jill for her wonderful photos.

 Published: 27 June 2012
 Last Updated: 27 June 2012
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Hi My Name is Milo. I was born on April 27, 2012. I went to my new home in Headingley on June 29, 2012. I love it here. I have a Mommy and Daddy who love me very much. I also have a friend/big sister who is a Akita Husky named Dakota who wasn't to sure about me at first but I managed to win her over. We play and play and play. I already know my name, know how to fetch a ball and I go to the washroom outside for the most part. When I get a little older my Mommy and Daddy along with Dakota will take me cross-country skiing at the park so be sure to look out of me. I will be the one with a big smile on my face.



 Published: 13 July 2012
 Last Updated: 13 July 2012
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Hello my name is Pepper I am a Fila mastiff Boxer cross. I am very friendly and love to play. Little Mountain is my favourite dog park. I love the trails and the big fields. I wish the whole park was off leash.

My family Kim and Jeremy and they love walking the trails with me and letting me lead us on an adventure.
 Published: 24 August 2012
 Last Updated: 24 August 2012
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Hello fellow puppies!!  I'm Buffy (personally I think it's a silly name, but it makes my owner feel good, so we'll go with it) and this is my story.  After being held captive for about a year in rural Manitoba (probably at a Puppy Mill) I managed to make my escape and roamed free....... rabbits to chase, squirrels to tree, deer to run with...... it was doggie heaven.  Alas, the people police finally tracked me down and I entered my second period of captivity.  I now languish with my so called 'owner', Peter.  He's not so bad I guess, feeds me, pets me and best of all.....Takes me every night to Little Mountain Park!!  However I'm going to have to have a little bark with him about the baths and brushings.  I love to run, so if you see me there......CHASE ME!!!  I'm also always up for a treat. (Hint..... my owner ALWAYS keeps the treats in his right side pocket) and I love to socialise.  That's it for me.....SEE YOU ON THE TRAILS!!! 

 Published: 25 August 2012
 Last Updated: 25 August 2012
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Hello I am Duke, my old masters called me doodles, I am a friendly dog, I dont play very much but I am still interested in meeting new friends. I love people and children, I play with the cat at home all the time by poking him with my big nose. I have a great character sometimes I am a goof and will bark at nothing or just bark at you so that you pay attention to me. Overall I am a great laid back dog, still working on some recall which is why you will see me on a leash sometimes. I will gladly accept petting =)

Duke- Rough Collie 3 years old Male
Owners are Amber and John
Published: 04 September 2012
Last Updated: 08 September 2012
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Hello I am Princess, I love to play with dogs and cats, I am great with all dogs as my mom is a groomer and I get to meet all the dogs that come to the house. I am always a happy girl, my mom and dad rescued me from a horrible place.. And it took a very long time for my mom and dad to teach me the right things, but here I am fully house trained, finally. I love the ball, if you show it to me I will sit there till you throw it, I sometimes won't stop playing doesn't matter how tired I may get, I love to please. If you get to meet me please PLAY =) For the time being I won't be at the park for at least a few months as I just had my puppies on September 7 2012, till they are older I won't be going to many places, but I can't wait!
Princess- Rottie Mix 1 year old female
Owners are Amber and John
Published: 04 September 2012
Last Updated: 08 September 2012
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This is Cleo our Husky

She was born Feb 2011, she loves everyone and will give kisses to everyone.
Her neighbour is Bobby (a black lab- who frequents Little Mountain Park too)
My parents are Krista and Bob
 Published: 15 September 2012
 Last Updated: 15 September 2012
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Hello Little Mountain, my name is Sheba. My new dad, Wally, hasn't brought me out to the park yet, I haven't had my second set of shots! But, I'll be there! Just you wait and see!

Well, I'm getting bigger now and coming out to the park. I've made lot's of new friends and I want to play with everybody.


I'm a big girl now and just love coming to the park.
 Published: 17 October 2010
 Last Updated: 24 September 2012
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 Elvis is a 10 yr old American Eskimo from the Wpg. Humane Society.  He loves to run the trails of Little Mountain Park with his brother Blue and foster sister Meadow.  He used to walk with his cousin dog LT who introduced Elvis and his pack to the trails and secrets in the park.
 Published: 11 November 2012
 Last Updated: 11 November 2012
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Kenny and Shea Puppies

These are the puppies of Kenny and Shea!

The story is: 7 pups - 3 male, 4 female: Whelped September 1, 2012 - in Minneapolis at Shea's birthplace, Muddy Waters Irish Water Spaniels.

Interested and committed parties can contact:

Diane Wacker, AKC Breeder of Merit

for more information on availability, criteria for home giving and compensation.

I can bring a puppy home to its Winnipeg owner when I pick up Shea.


Puppies at 9 weeks!

 Published: 07 October 2012
 Last Updated: 24 November 2012
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Hi there my name is Maisy, my mom calls me Maisy-Mae when I'm not listening
too well.
I am an English Labrador Retriever, I live with my mom & "Stewie" the
Rabbit, we grew up together so we are best friends and get along great!

My first visit to Little Mountain Park was when I was very small,about 4
months old, I'm now 15 months now and a lot bigger.
I'm not big on the whole car ride thing and whine a little but once I'm
getting close to my favorite place I get very excited!
I am a bit of a social butterfly, love to greet all pet parents... get a few
I am a happy girl love playing, wrestling, stick chasing, running and if I
find a really big log I'll carry it around for a while so everyone can see
... So proud!!!

Some of my friends I love to play with are
Sage, Panda, Jacob, Auggie, Abby, Jake, Sandi ,Bella and so many more!

I love the park... am so lucky I get to come everyday to play with all my
friends and have the chance to meet new ones!

Happy tails....


I just wanted to share this picture of my girl Maisy at Little Mountain Park yesterday. She carried that “log” for the whole 45 minute walk!
 Published: 21 February 2013
 Last Updated: 25 February 2013
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Luna was caught December 25th 2013 in the Safeway parking lot in Selkirk Manitoba.  No one claimed or looked for her.  She was moved to was the Winnipeg Humane Society in Feb of 2013 chose her parents,  David and Debbie Winnicky.  She was 8 months old at the time.  We were told she is short haired black German pointer, min pincer, Australian healer cross.  We were introduced to the park on October 6, 2013 for the blessing.  You will see her chasing the ball none stop at the park.  Sometimes she will play with other dogs, but don't get in her way when she is running after the ball.
She was diagnosed with heart worm in July of this year and was kenneled for two months during here treatment phase.  Was able to go for walks in September of this year.  December is when she should get a clean bill of health again.
Been to other parks and love little mountain park.  Dogs and people are friendly.  See you all there!

 Published: 24 October 2013
 Last Updated: 24 October 2013
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Meet Blue.  He is a 3 yr old border collie from Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue.  He is always on a leash at the park because he likes to run away.  He likes to go to lots of different parks, but Little Mountain is his favorite.  He can always be seen with his brother Elvis and foster sister Meadow.

 Published: 11 November 2012
 Last Updated: 30 October 2013
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Hi my name is Tikka I'm a 3 year old Weimaraner and have been going to Little Mountain since I was 16 weeks old!!!  My mom (Kim) was a little slow at posting this! I look forward to my daily walks at Little Mountain and getting to see all my other companions I have met over the years and my mom (Kim) enjoys her walks too with everyone she has come to known over the years!  Cheers.

 Published: 16 October 2013
 Last Updated: 31 October 2013
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Maisy loves her new bunny brother.. his name is Bunbun. He came with the name, knows it, so we'll have to keep it!

He is very entertaining and good company for Maisy.


 Published: 01 March 2014
 Last Updated: 02 March 2014
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Subject: Dylan's Bio
Hello Everyone, My name is Dylan
Type of Dog: Samoyed
Mom and Dad: Jan and Jim
Favourite Toy: Squirlee and Teddy
Activity: going on daily walks and socializing with my fellow furry friends and their owners.
Thought of the day: Always available for lots of pats, hugs and treats not necessarily in that order.

 Published: 04 October 2014
 Last Updated: 09 October 2014
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Reuben is a 3 year old chocolate lab mix who loves going on long walks at the dog park, chasing squirrels, rabbits and cats!
 Published: 09 October 2014
 Last Updated: 09 October 2014
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Hi! My name is Bentley a little Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  My mom and dad are Teresa and Mark.  Little Mountain Park is awesome, I have already met so many new friends and cannot wait to met some more! My neighbourhood walks just are not the same after having so much fun at the park!  I get so excited when I get in the car, crossing my paws that that's were mom is taking me!

 Published: 05 November 2014
 Last Updated: 09 November 2014
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Hi world, my name is Sage. I'm a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. I'm only 10 weeks old right now. My mommy and daddy are Lori and Lloyd. I'm still waiting for my third set of shots before my mom and dad will let me come out to the park. Right now my biggest job is annoying my big brother Cole.

So everybody, I'm now 4 months old and I have been to my doctor! I have been meeting everybody at the park and have made some wonderful new freinds! I enjoy my walks, exploring, and running around Little Mountain Park. Cole and I are the best of friends, we must be, I hang on his ears and neck every chance I get!


I'm a big girl now. Who want's to play?




Sage done by 12 year old Laura McKay

 Published: 16 February 2011
 Last Updated: 20 June 2015
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Klinger and Quinn

Hi! We’re Klinger and Quinn. We were rescued by HHBCR (Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue) this spring and then found our forever home with our mom this summer. We were born in Saskatchewan but sure are glad we moved to Manitoba. We love our new home and our sister, Tessa. We aren’t quite ready for off leash walks at Little Mountain yet, but when we are look forward to making new friends out there. In the meantime we are busy chasing rabbits and squirrels out of our yard and being the Neighbourhood Watch.

Published: 08 October 2016
Last Updated: 08 October 2016
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Barley has a new baby brother, Morris. Irene has just brought him home. Can't wait to see him at the park.

 Published: 23 February 2017
 Last Updated: 23 February 2017
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Pork chop
Hello LMP  my name is Pork chop.

HI my name is Porkchop and my dad's name is Will. I'm 5 1/2 years old and been with my dad Will for just over 3 1/2 years since he adopted me. I love going to LMP dog park because I get to run around and make new friends and playmates.

 Published: 07 June 2017
 Last Updated: 08 June 2017
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Hey there, it's me Nigil

Type of dog: Border Collie, hey get back in line mister !!

Mom and Dad: Sue and Jim McNaught

Favorite toy: Just about everything that can be thrown ...

Activity: Sheep, walking and the swimming pool

Thoughts: Go ahead , try and beat me to the ball... just try !! 



 Published: 04 May 2008
 Last Updated: 22 November 2017
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A very warm welcome to the park, little Archie

 Published: 23 September 2018
 Last Updated: 23 September 2018
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Hi everyone. My name is Skye. I'm Blue's little sister. I hope to met you down the trails!

 Published: 02 December 2018
 Last Updated: 02 December 2018
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May 18 2022 Lilly

Welcome everyone to the park Lilly


Sept. 17 2022


Look out Little Mounatin. We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Johnson family, Mocha. A beautiful one year old English Lab. Full of love in her heart.