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Leash found on the Ridge trail. I placed it in the lost and found

F-18 Fly over taken by Darlene March 22 2023


Apr. 06 2023

Fox has been found dead and placed into the garbage bin at the trail head of Ridge trail and the Red Bench. Also the sump pump alarm is going off at the clubhouse shed. The city has been made aware of this.


Lost Items


Apr. 30 2023 Park Clean-up

Hi all. It's out favourite time of the year once again. Time for our annual park clean-up. The weather has not co-operated at all with us this year. Cold, then warmed up really fast. So, bring your rubber boots, gloves, a shovel and a wagon if you have one and lets get it done! Start at the clubhouse and fan out. The most important part, a good attitude!
Garbage Bags will be provided and water as well.
Irene will be taking care of the table at the clubhouse and selling our LMPCG pins ($3.00 each) if you are interested.
Stay as long as you wish, but don't over do yourselves.
Hopefully it will be a nice days. Please check back here for any changes.

Apr. 21 2023

Found a chian saw in Klimpkie Parking lot. Not the Cities or the RM's. I turned it in to the RCMP at Stonewall


Apr. 30 2023

What a great turn out for the clean-up. There was over 30 people. Thanks to all!


Beach still needs one of the 2X4's replaced facing the Big Field


The Thermostate cover broken off in the clubhouse. I have told the parks people about it


Pink Leash found May 15 2023

May 15 2023

Track day at the park. The parks people have been alerted to the vehicles driven into the park.

Also Darlene cleaned up left cake from behind the clubhouse picnic table.


May Long weekend is coming please help by adding in any flowers you like to our Hope garden!

Update The Seven Oaks School will be having their Cross Country on May 15/16/17. So far the field looks realy clean. They have moved the one picnic table hopefully it is returned to the proper location.


May 20 2023

Camp found in the brush near the interestion of Oak on Old Hut Trail. I cleaned up most of it.


May 23 2023

Somebody carved a trail between Hawthorn and Old Hut near the interestion of Oak. Broken beer bottles were hung in a booby trap function right at eye level.


May 24 2023

The compound was broken into and everything was stolen.


June 01 2023

Hi Lloyd, just got word from our Naturalist Services that they intend to burn the prairie section at Little mountain tomorrow.


If you can please pass that along to your membership





Karl Thordarson

Superintendant of Parks and Open Space

June 10 2023

White spruce tree give away this Saturday at U of M

If you have a good spot to plant a white spruce, here is a way to obtain one ( small seedling)

Alex uncovered some of the old foundation stones of the school house our the post office near the clubhouse. I have alerted Historical Winnipeg about the find.


Lost and Found June 12 2023

June 12 2023

Found some kind soul had removed one of the new perannuals I had just planted.

June 14 2023

Burn in the NE corner of the park

Motorized June 15 2023

A motorized go cart was running around the big field. The City and the RM have been made aware of the problem.



Stanley Knowles school was having an event today June 29 2023

They drove their vehicles into the field.The parks people will speak to them about it.


Branch breaking. Everyone enjoys picking berries but you do not need to break the branches of trees to do it!

New Benches July 05 2023

There are three new benches to be unstalled, one in the Big Field, one at the Red Bench and one donated by Ruth at the Perfect Spot locations.

July 14 2023

A Front end loader crashed through the east side fence. It is under RCMP investigation. I found the keys a short distance away.

On another fun note. At the same time four individuals were camped in the old compound and left quite the mess.


Lost ball found. I put it in the lost and found box

July 27 2023

More fun and games at the park. The fence has been cut and one of the trailors has been opened. There was a tote found in the woods behind the opening. Everyone has been made aware of it.


A few more bird houses are fixed and back in the park. A bat house as well.


Hat found in the Farmers Road parking lot. 

Trucking firm has moved out but replaced by Leo trucking along the east side.


Kudos for getting this great article published.

Aug. 21 2023

Ruth's Perfect Spot bench has arrived!


Aug. 23 2023 Found today. Placed into the lost and found box.


Found Summer Hat

Aug. 26 2023

The Baseballers left a mess this morning in the Farmers Road parking lot. Thanks Darlene for cleaning up.

Found, Aug. 31 2023 in the small field. An Apple Air Tag. I put it in the lost and found box at the clubhouse.

Sept. 02 2023

Found another slice in the trucking fence along the eastside. The parks people and RM of Rosser have been alerted.

Lost and found items



Willie asked me to speak to the city about the grading around the clubhouse. He almost did a header on it. Thanks Alex for taking care of that.



Found a .22 shell casing today on one of the trails.

Blessing for the Animals 

Oct. 07 at 1400 hrs. (2PM) at the clubhouse. It is a short but wonderful little service to show our love of the animals.

A Huge thank you to Alex for keeping the
park so beautiful all summer, working hard to
make it a special place for all to enjoy!
We love all your little surprise projects on the

As Summer comes to an end so does the time
for Alex at the park, sadly his last day is
Friday October 6th

But good news is he’ll be back in the Spring!

Please join us at the clubhouse on October 6th
at 9:30 AM for coffee and Timbits to thank and
say goodbye to Alex.

Anti-vax notes are again appearing posted in the trees.

Teddy Sept. 29 2023

Our friend Di Roth lost Teddy

That was a great storm today! Lot's of standing water everywhere.


Oct. 06 2023 Alex's last day

Coffee and Tim bits served


Oct. 07 2023 Blessing for the Animals

What a great turnout on a cool afternoon.


Frosty morning today Oct. 10 2023


Track and Field meet going on for the next two days


Bird House back in action

Wood piled up beside Clubhouse has nails in it. The table that was burnt. The boards were just flipped over!


Saturday Oct. 14 2023

The cadets were out today.

Oct. 21 2023

Smashed Pumpkins everywhere. Thanks to everyone that helped clean up the mess.


Purple leash and toque. Placed in the lost and found box


After years of trying we have lights going up at Farmers Road/ Jefferson and Route 90. I started this when Bowan was still mayor. Hopefully this will help keep people a bit safer.

Fence Cut again. The east side fence again is targeted by thieves.


Ice. The melting ice is dangerous at the clubhouse. Darlene and I put down some salt. The city left sand there afterwards.


Nov. 11 2023

Had to clean up more fireworks debris in the Big Field this morning.


Nov. 17 2023

Traffic lights are now functional at Farmers Road/Jefferson and Route 90.

Nov. 22 2023

Some kind soul dumped a mess of garbage in the Farmers Road Parking lot. Thanks to all that helped clean it up.


Nov. 29 2023 Removed a lot of what looked like a homeless camp from the east side of the Old Hut Trail