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Jan. 07 2024

Subject: From the CBC website this morning canada/manitoba/stnorbert- residents-land-lemay-forest-1. 7076679


Jan. 11 2024 Lemay Forest national-news/amc-asks- winnipeg-mayor-to-stop- development-in-area-of- possible-gravesite-unmarked- graves/


A very odd tidbit with no preamble on global: winnipeg/


Here is the link to the online version of tonight’s news on APTN. It’s the top story. Nicely done too. newscasts/

Here is a longer story on Global:

Jan. 14 2024 Subject: New report on economic impact of parks in USA

Feb. 03 2024

When I first saw the headline I thought it might be Lemay Forest. Still it’s nice to see this. I first saw the headline I thought it might be Lemay Forest. Still it’s nice to see this.

Below is the article about the cottonwoods.

Councillor wants city to branch out, consider protecting trees with historic designation By: Joyanne Pursaga Posted: 6:00 PM CST Monday, Jan. 22, 2024
https://www.winnipegfreepress. com/breakingnews/2024/01/22/ councillor-wants-city-to- branch-out-consider- protecting-trees-with- historic-designation
Riel CC Meeting January 2024 dmis/ViewDoc.asp?DocId=24341& SectionId=&InitUrl=
12. Addition of Cottonwood Groves - Abutting the Seine River Between Fort Gibraltar and the Junction of the Seine and the Red River to List of Historical Resources

Feb. 22 2024

Rosser meeting.

We met with the RM of of Rosser today to voice our concerns about lighting polution, greening Farmers Road and the park expansion proposal. Our concerns were very well recieved.

Damon Farm

Dumping of soil raises fears among opponents of Daman Farm development | CBC News

Trees have been in the news a lot lately.

Recent Media


A.     Urban Forestry Strategy

Winnipeg Free Press February 23 2024 Yes to trees, no to new roads Erna Buffie opinion/analysis/2024/02/23/ yes-to-trees-no-to-new-roads


CBC February 10 2024

Advocates hope budget boost means Winnipeg is turning over a new leaf to address its 'tree deficit' canada/manitoba/winnipeg- trees-spending-2024-budget-1. 7111145


CBC November 20 2024  

CBC Winnipeg November 20 2023 

Plan to increase Winnipeg tree canopy, protect trees on private property moves ahead at city hall  (Duncan) manitoba/winnipeg-urban- forest-strategy-1.7034430 .

Public service was ordered to review the city’s charter to determine how the city government could pursue a bylaw to protect trees on private property.

"There will definitely be some work to be done with the developers, but at the end of the day, we as council and we as Manitoban's can't say that trees are important to us and then have nothing in place to protect them from just being cut down, without any questions asked," (c. Evan Duncan)


C.      Tree Protection, Historic Designation  (Allard)

Winnipeg Free Press January 22 2024

Councillor wants city to branch out, consider protecting trees with historic designation breakingnews/2024/01/22/ councillor-wants-city-to- branch-out-consider- protecting-trees-with- historic-designation
Cottonwoods  were once abundant along the rivers but many have since vanished, increasing the need to preserve the rest.


D.     Tree Fund  (Mayes)

Winnipeg Free Press February 26 2024 

Councillor hoping ‘public tree fund’ idea takes root at city hall 

New motion calls for the city to study adding a potential fee to new homes to support the fund that would cover the cost of trees planted on public land in the same area. breakingnews/2024/02/26/ councillor-hoping-public-tree- fund-idea-takes-root-at-city- hall


Mar.23 2024 

Greetings and good news! – In February, the Mayor and entire City Council voted to support funding of the Comprehensive Urban Forestry Strategy in the 2024–2027 Preliminary Budget. In December, City Council adopted Winnipeg’s first ever Forestry Strategy.

We need to keep the Forestry Strategy top of mind for City Council as the budget can be revised until March 20.

A commitment to funding is needed to grow the forest to protect us from flooding, climate change effects, provide habitat and a host of ecosystem services. The funding to achieve the goals of the strategy cannot be postponed.

Thank you very much to everyone who has already sent a letter of support to the Mayor and Councillors.

We encourage you all to write a letter to show your appreciation to the Mayor and Councillors for approving the Urban Forestry Strategy and supporting its accompanying budget in full. Sending letters is important to keep the funding intact until Council votes on March 20. Between now and the final vote, there are many pressures and revisions to the Preliminary Budget.  The sooner letters are sent, the better.

For editable template letter to send, Councillor email addresses and more:

https://ours-winnipeg.weebly. com/save-our-canopy.html


Schedule of budget meetings in March (with Urban Forestry Strategy on the Agenda) where the public can register to speak or send a submission at dmis/:

1.     Monday, March 11 - Standing Policy Committee on Community Services - budget delegations

2.     Friday, March 15 - Executive Policy Committee - budget delegations

3.     Wednesday, March 20 - Council to consider budget
To register as a delegation to speak in person or on line, or submit written comments for the upcoming Committee meetings, go to online delegation registration form. Additional information at


Winnipeg Comprehensive Urban Forestry Strategy, budget request and accompanying reports are found on City Council Agenda page, December 14, Item 5 near the end of the agenda. DMIS/ViewDoc.asp?DocId=24329& SectionId=&InitUrl=


City of Winnipeg Budget Page governance/budget-finance/ multi-year-budget-2024-2027


The Forestry Strategy is a modest plan with a long term target to increase the tree canopy cover from 17% to 24% by 2065, by planting 17,000 trees per year. The strategy can get only off to a good start if the funding is provided as requested in the Parks Department Recommendations for the Comprehensive Urban Forestry Strategy.  Over the years the target will be challenged by drought years, high heat, development choices, infestations and inconsistent funding.  It will require attention of us all to keep the budget, protection and enhancement of the urban forest on track.


Winnipeg Free Press Community Review West March 20 2024 Breaking with our colonial past Michelle Kading We must adopt city bylaws and best practices that reflect Indigenous world view, and values to better protect the land, water, and biodiversity. UNDRIP, Article 29.

CTV March 19 2024 Batttle over Lemay forest could be heading to court MMF President David Chartrand says if a purchase price can't be reached, he is willing to start legal action of his own to prevent any development, as he has concerns there could be a cemetery there from a former orphanage.

Winnipeg Free Press March 16 2024 Developer accuses city of ‘slow-walking’ contentious Lemay Forest project, threatens lawsuit

Winnipeg Free Press March 16 2024 A radical re-evaluation of how we look at our land Wall Kimmerer offers a surprisingly inclusive view of how traditional values and modern science can intersect, and how humans and the environment can co-exist in mutually beneficial ways.

Winnipeg Free Press Community Review East March 13 2024 We must protect Lake Winnipeg Markus Chambers appointed to Red River Basin Commission. Reduce pollution, promote conservation practices, and increased community engagement, paramount to preserving the ecological balance and long-term viability of these invaluable water resources. Interconnectedness of the Red River and Lake Winnipeg,

Winnipeg Sun March 8 2024 Green fees to golf at city courses to raise this year City-run golf courses were open for 179 days during the 2023 golf season and hosted 107 rounds of golf, a 29% increase from the 2022 golf season.

CBC March 7 2024 Dumping of soil raises fears among opponents of Daman Farm development Residents worry impact development will have on groundwater, surrounding habitat