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February Fundraiser - Simply Delicious Chocolate Bars

From the Boston Terrier/Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba

Wow! The rescue is full! We have 21 dogs in foster care at the moment ... and five more are expected next Saturday ...8 of these dogs need all their vetting done !! We had a sweet little Boston/Daxie Cross surrendered yesterday .. in addition to needing to be neutered and have his shots done,'Wishbone' also has Demodex Mange and will require two months of treatments to heal his red,itchy and irritated skin.

We thought we would try a simple fundraiser for February, asking some of our incredible supporters to sell a box of chocolate bars to their friends, family and co-workers. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and who doesn't need a treat for someone in their life?

People love the Simply Delicious Chocolate Bars, made in canada by the way... we will make you a box of 30 assorted chocolate bars .. deliver them to you .. collect the $60.00 from you per box. $30.00 pays for the chocolate bars and $30.00 goes to the vet bills of the 8 kids who need spay/neuter surgeries in the next couple of weeks.

Please let us know how many boxes you would like to take and we will place the order for them on February 2 and deliver them to you shortly after. If we can find enough people to sell 10 boxes ... that is $300.00 for the dogs on our care. That $300.00 will pay for the shots, exam and spay or neuter of one of the dogs in our care. Easy Peasy!

 Published: 30 January 2010

There was a very distrubing article in the Free Press over the weekend about a pack of coyotes that have been seen in the Northwest corner of the city. There have been sightings of coyotes in the park before. To read the full article please go to

 Published: 19 January 2010

Ground Cracks
We are going to have to be very careful in the open fields come spring time. With the very little snow cover we have recieved this year, the ground has cracked so badly that a dog could easily get their leg caught in one of these openings.

 Published: 18 January 2010

Watch Out
It's winter time again and you know what that means. Yes our favourite people are back. The Snowmobiler's have found their way back to the park! So please watch your little ones and your dogs because these people wouldn't care if they hit anybody or not. Just as long as they have a good time that's all that matters! If you see these people please call the Police Non-emergancy phone number( 986-6222 ) or the Park Police.

 Published: 10 January 2010

Spring Clean-up
Hi there, the topic of the Spring Clean-up has come up.  I hope we can get it in before it's too late.Stay tuned! Many thanks to Ron, Jim and the rest of the 9:30 crew for looking after the garbage can's this winter!

 Published: 09 March 2010
Sent in by Alice:

Hi! I'm writing to tell you about the 'Animal Rescue Site $100,000. Shelter + Challenge - Together with Petfinder', Starting January 18th. The Animal Rescue Site is awarding $100,000 in grants to eligible member rescue organizations to help animals. The Grand Prize is a $10,000 grant, and there are many other prizes! Visit to vote every day and learn more. You don't have to register, and voting is free. Support your favourite shelter and vote today! Thank You!

 Published: 08 March 2010

I have been talking to the Kil-cona and Maple Grove Dog Park ( and hopefully the other parks will join in) groups and we are looking into the idea of setting up a,' Circle of Parks' discussion forum for the city pet owners that use our parks. We are looking at the common threads and concerns . Hopefully all of us can get together this summer and have a good sit down. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them in.

 Published: 06 March 2010
A set of keys was found along the trails and hung up at the Club House Lost and Found box. It has a Auto-haus brass keep-sake on the ring.

 Published: 05 March 2010
The Ward 4 Residence & Business Community of the R.M. of Rosser is having a social

' Save Lilyfield - Stop the Quarry'

Fundraising Dinner/Dance

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bel Acres Golf & Country Club

Bud, Spud & Pork

Silent Auction

Dinner: 6:00 p.m.

Dance: 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

tickets $20.00 each

 Published: 24 February 2010

Sun Critters
BTPRSM makes the Winnipeg Sun Critters

The Boston Terrier & Pug rescue was in the Winnipeg Sun on Monday, February 22nd!

In case you didn't get a chance to see it in the print edition, please check out the links below, and see some of our Adorable Adoptables in some of their best poses. There is also a video of Madison, one of the pugs in our care, as well.

Please pass the word around that these dogs in the feature plus many more on our website are looking for their forever homes.

We are also always looking for Loving foster homes. So if you, or someone you know might be interested in fostering these little furry friends of ours, please check out our website at and complete a Fostering Application.

Photo Gallery Link:

Video Link:

 Published: 24 February 2010
The meeting lasted only a couple of seconds, the R.M. rejected the land offer. This is not to say that the offer won't be resubmitted at a later date. Stay tuned!

 Published: 18 February 2010

There will be a townhall meeting about the proposed Quarry north of Little Mountain Park on Wednesday Feb. 10 / 10 at 6:00 at the Grosse Isle Hall.

 Published: 07 February 2010

Funny Story
This is from Karen on Sunday's Clean-up:

I thought you might get a laugh out of this. I was not going to be able to make the clean up on Sunday so instead I took 8 garbage bags and headed to the West parking lot on Saturday. I had six bags filled and in the truck of my car, with the trunk wide open and I had one bag in my hand and one full one beside me in the garbage can when some jerk had the never to remind me my dogs should be on a leash. I glared at him but politely pointed out that the eight bags of garbage had not even made a dent in the amount in that parking lot, pointing out also that my dogs did not discard the bottles, cans, food wrappers, condoms and toilet paper that now filled the bags. I also pointed out that dogs didn't tear off the bag boxes located around the park, nor did they purposely break the benches nor set fires. By the end of the conversation, the people ended up patting my dogs telling us to have a great walk and thanking me.

I just wanted to share the story because I thought it was really funny. Everyone is always complaining about the dogs making a mess of the park and then realizing how much more mess was made by the humans.

P.S. My dogs also don't paint graffiti all over everything!

 Published: 13 April 2010

Clean-up 2010
Thanks to everybody that came out and helped with this years clean-up, it was a success! On a sad note, Oliver got his paw cut on some broken glass in the quarry. We hope that he mends fast.

P.S. I forgot to bring my camera, I hope somebody took some pictures and can send them in.

 Published: 11 April 2010
It looks like we've missed our chance for a Spring clean-up this year. The quick melt took care of that, but what I was thinking is that the water level is low in the Quarry we should try to get in there and do a mass clean.

How about next Sunday April 11 (*note change ) about 10:00 am ( there 'bouts) we meet up and take care of the mess! Remember to bring gloves and rubber boots.

Please, Please, becareful and watch out for broken glass !!!

 Published: 04 April 2010
Lost Dept.: Karen has lost her remote car starter down on of the trails. If found, drop me note and I'll pass it along to her.Thanks.

 Published: 01 April 2010

From Susan and Jim

I am just letting you know to tell everybody on the web site and who comes to the park that Nigel has gotten E-Coli poisoning from drinking the poop soup the last few weeks with the early melt. He ended up in the hospital on a I.V. drip and major anti-biotics and this is two years in a row that this has happened! I now know that it is from drinking from the puddles and because an awful lot of people are not picking up, it is creating a terrible health hazard for all the dogs. Several other dogs have gotten the runs and one other that I know of ended up on anti-biotics. The clinic is informing everyone the importance of picking up after their dogs and to not let any of them drink the water, so caring water is a good idea each spring as soon as the melt starts. To date, Nigels medical bills for this issue have been $1300.00 dollars because people are too lazy to pick up! The vet phoned me to ask how he is doing and I told her about this web site and she asked if she could put a link to their clinic with the information.

 Published: 22 March 2010
    The BTPRSM is forming a Fund Raising Committee!

The rescue has grown so much in the past year ... the three of us need some help! We would like to invite people to form a fund raising committee with us.

Please bring your ideas, skills, talents and enthusiasm and help us take better care of the dogs in the rescue.

We are hoping to meet with interested people for a brainstorming session one evening in the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in joining, please let us know!

 Published: 14 March 2010

Bill 218
Bill 218 ( commonly referred to as Fluffy's Law) from Alice:

The Manitoba Liberal Party has introduced Bill 218 that will deem no pet clauses in tenancy agreements null and void. To support this Bill we can download a petition form ( and circulate it to family and friends) from the Winnipeg Humane Society website at .

 Published: 10 March 2010
A social is being planned for May 8 /10 at Little Mountain Sportsplex. It is being hosted by the community against the Quarry development.  It is for raising money for lawyer's fee's. Tickets are $10.00. Stay tuned for all the details.

Here we go:

Fund Raising Social

In support of

Rosser Landowners Community Association

May 8, 2010

Little Mountain Sportsplex

64128 Klimpke Road

Helping Us Save Our Community & Your Playground

8:00 pm - 1:00 am.

$ 10.00 per person

for tickets, e-mail Liz at


 Published: 10 March 2010

Dean and Corey
Welcome back Dean, his wife and Corey as our returning grounds keepers.

Also, they have fixed up the Hope flower box in front of the club house and have invited everybody to plant some flowers. It`s there for everybody to enjoy!

 Published: 16 May 2010
Pudgy Dog
Pudgy Dog is going to be accompanying Baron Millo von Milano and his clothing line from Black Baron Kingdom apparel on City TV Breakfast Friday morning ( May 14). The show starts at 6:00 am.

 Published: 13 May 2010

Paws in Motion
Wally's niece Yolanda is participating in the Paws in Motion walk at Assiniboine Park on June 27th 2010.

Proceeds from the money raised at this event are directly going to fund the spay and neuter program at the Winnipeg Humane Society. Also if you make a donation of $10.00 or more you will receive an official tax receipt.

Please go to web page and look under Yolanda Wojciechowski's web page to donate.

 Published: 02 May 2010
Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday ... ya whatever. Hey we are going to be two years old on May 1st! Just how cool is that! Please write in and tell us how we are doing, what can we do better or different.

 Published: 30 April 2010

Please share this with all the pet owners you know and ask them to do the same-the information you take a few minutes to share might prevent the senseless loss of other pets.

Over the weekend, the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from Target to use in their garden. The dogs loved the way it smelled and it was advertised to keep cats away from their garden. Their dog ( Calypso) decided the mulch smelled good enough to eat and devoured a large helping. She vomited a few times which was typical when she eats something new but wasn't acting lethargic in any way. The next day, mom woke up and took Calypso out for her morning walk. Half way through the walk, she had a seizure and died instantly.

Although the mulch had NO warnings printed on the label, upon further investigation on the company's web site, this product is HIGHLY toxic to dogs and cats.

Cocoa Mulch is manufactured by Hershey's, and they claim that,"It is true that studies have shown that 50% of the dogs that eat Cocoa Mulch can suffer physical harm to a variety of degrees ( depending on each individual dog). However, 98% of all dogs won't eat it."

*Snopes site gives the following information:

Cocoa Mulch, which is sold by Home Depot, Foreman's Garden Supply and other Garden supply stores contains a lethal ingredient called 'Theobromine'. It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will injest this stuff and die. Several deaths already occurred in the last 2-3 weeks.

Theobromine is in all chocolate, especially dark or baker's chocolate which is toxic to dogs. Cocoa bean shells contain potentially toxic quantities of theobromine, a xanthine compound similar in effects to caffine and theophylline. A dog that ingested a lethal quatity of garden mulch made from cacao bean shells developed severe convulsions and died 17 hours later. Analysis of the stomach contents and the ingested cacao bean shells revealed the presence of lethal amounts of theobromine.

 Published: 29 April 2010
Hi there, we have a lost cell phone on one of the trails. If you come across it, let me know and I'll forward it on. Thanks.

 Published: 28 April 2010
There BACK !!
Do you hear the grass moving, .... there back! Yes our freinds the Ticks are back again for another fun filled summer. So make sure to give your pets a good check over. Don't forget to pick up the Heartworm pills as well.

 Published: 18 April 2010
Dip Into Spring!
From the BTPRSM:

Just in time for Mother's Day!!

The Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba has teamed up with Epicure Selections for a fantastic fundraiser. Dip into a delicious Epicure Selection Fundraiser by choosing the Sweet Triple Dip Fundraiser ( Tropical Fruit Dip Mix, Summer Berry Dip Mix, Lemon Chiffon Fruit Dip Mix ) or the Savoury Triple Dip Fundraiser ( 3 Onion Dip Mix, Herb & Garlic Dip Mix, Lemon Dilly Dip Mix ). Can't decide? Order one of each! Each selection is $21 ( this price includes shipping, handling and GST on shipping ). $ 5 from each sale goes directly to The Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba.

Please see the attached detailed description and order form. Orders will close on Friday April 30th. Cash or cheques are accepted, and cheques can be amde out to 'BTPRSM' ( to save you the hand cramp!). Feel free to take the forms to work and pass them around! If you've ever had Epicure before, you know these dips are the best! Whether you have one order, or multiple orders, let us know when you're ready to submit your order and we can make arrangements to collect your order form and funds.

Together we can make this fundraiser a HUGE success and help out dogs who need us!

 Published: 17 April 2010

Manitoba Pet Expo

You are all invited to the Manitoba Pet Expo!

Greendell Park Community Centre

75 Woodlawn Ave.

Sunday, September 12 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Check out the web page at

 Published: 20 July 2010
 Last Updated: 30 August 2010
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A Threat to Pets
There is a very interesting 'Letter to the Editor' in today's ( July 6/10,pg. A 11) Winnipeg Free Press  entitled, ' A Threat to Pets' by Trevor Kirczenow out at Westview off-leash Park. It has to deal with the city putting poison, 'Rozol', down the gopher holes and only having a limited sign postage, ( it was knocked over). This happened at Little Mountain some 8 years ago ( no signs were posted ) nobody was told anything about it until well after the fact. Luckily none of the dogs got sick.

Update, July 7th there was a follow up story by Matt Preprost in the Winnipeg Free Press on pg. A 4.

 Published: 06 July 2010
 Last Updated: 08 July 2010
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Yard Sale
Fundraising Yard Sale in Support of the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba.

When: Saturday, July 10th

Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: 471 Beresford Ave. ( Osborne South )

Come out and meet some of the adorable adoptables!

If you would like to donate your gently used items to our fundraising yard sale please contact us at to arrange pick up!

 Published: 05 July 2010
 Last Updated: 11 August 2010
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Skunk alert! Just a heads up that the black and white fury creatures are around. The newborns will be out, with all the standing water in the fields they might be staying to the higher ground.

 Published: 03 July 2010
 Last Updated: 03 July 2010
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Miracle For Mikey
Miracle For Mikey - Saturday, June 26th

From the BTPRSM

Just a reminder, the "Miracle for Mikey" social is coming up fast! This is our joint fundraiser with Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters (FFAS) in an effort to assist Mikey, the 10-month old puggle in our care who has a neuromuscular condition that has affected his ability to walk.

Mikey is a fighter and a champ with an indomitable spirit and a will to live. He manages to pull himself around and get where he needs to go and charm everyone in his path.

Mikey has been medically assessed and he will have a wonderful quality of life once he can be fitted for a "dog cart" that will enable him to get around easily.

To make this happen and to help fund medical care for this little guy a "Miracle For Mikey Soccial" will be held on Saturday, June 26 at Grapes Restaurant - 1890 Pembina Hwy. Social tickets are just $15.00 each and are availble by calling Sherri - 897-6188 or email address . Check out more information on Mikey at  or .

The price of a ticket includes hot appetizers, music and silent auction. Representatives from many of Manitoba's Rescues and Shelters will be on hand to talk about their groups.

Please help Mikey and rescue animals by purchasing a social ticket and attending, making a cash donation or donating a prize for the silent auction.

Paypal, Mastercard and Visa gladly accepted.

* also, check out the new BTPRSM news letter!


 Published: 19 June 2010
 Last Updated: 19 June 2010
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Hope Garden
The Hope Garden is looking really great. Thanks to everybody that has taken the time to donate the flowers and plant them. I think that fact makes it special for all of us at Little Mountain! Corey's girls are going to try to paint the flower box this Saturday. I 'hope' the weather holds for them.

 Published: 17 June 2010
 Last Updated: 09 July 2010
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Kilcona BBQ
Kilcona Dog Club 4Th Annual BBQ Saturday, June 5,2010

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Kilcona Off Leash Park

Lagimodiere and McIvor

Come join us for a fun day and support a good cause. Half the proceeds will be donated to no-kill shelters. The balance will be used for park improvemants.

There will be a Silent Auction and Agility demo.

Several Pet Suppliers have been invited to set up display tables.

Winnipeg Animal Services will have some adoption dogs to show.

Gunner's Dog House is excited to announce it will be having a booth at the Kilcona Dog Park Bar-B-Que! There will be lots of "classic" dog toys but also a lot of canine "thinking" toys and different training, motivating aids! "Tough" toys, Egg Babies, Puzzle Plush, "busy" toys as well as the "working" NINA toys!

Gunner's Dog House will have ample toys available for "test" runs! And we'll even be able to have a mini "NINA Olympics" ( no training required - just you and your dog with small dry "snacks").

 Published: 04 June 2010
 Last Updated: 04 June 2010
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Good News
Good news kids, the R.M. of Rosser has turned down the re-newed quarry development application.

 Published: 29 May 2010

I recieved a notice from the Boston Terrier/Pug Rescue of two up coming events for this weekend that they will be in attendance.

1- Saturday, September 25th, Canvasback adoption Day in Selkirk.


           16 Kirkness Rd. Lockport


2- Sunday, September 26th, Lions Purina for Dog Guides.

          Where: Birds Hill Park. East Beach side parking lot. 10 am. Registration, walk at noon.

          895-1607 or 444-2693

 Published: 24 September 2010
 Last Updated: 24 September 2010
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Gull Lake
The Winnipeg Humane Society has posted a note on September 08/2010 that the 7 of the Gull Lake rescued dogs will be sent to Dogtown for rehab. They will be leaving on Sept. 25, the WHS is looking for donations to help out.

 Published: 11 September 2010
 Last Updated: 14 September 2010
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Sad news, our Shelby passed away early this morning, September 06/10 . She was a great girl and will be missed by all that knew her. Thanks to everybody that wished us well, sent cards and flowers.

 Published: 06 September 2010
 Last Updated: 28 September 2010
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September 2 2010 , our friend Wally (with his dog Lexi ) and his cutting crew , Terri Townsend and Becky Larsen, made the Free Press. 17 th Wing base never knew what hit them! Cheers to all, and keep up the good work!

Also, we have a TV star now, Wally will be on Shaw channel 9 this Friday Sept. 10 / 10, not sure of the time.


Also,the girls and Wally would like to welcome their new door greeter, Dolce. He is eleven weeks old in this picture.

 Published: 03 September 2010
 Last Updated: 11 September 2010
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Hi gang, it looks like we had a busy weekend out at the park.

To start, somebody broke into the compound a stole the park crew's tractor and took it out for a joy ride. That was Saturday, Sunday we had a large amount of guests at the park. There was a chip truck that broke the locked gate at the entrance.  One of the dogs, ( I don't know which one ) bit a small child in the neck area and had to be taken to emergency. Saying that, the people involved had food all over the place. Left a mess and might have been responsible for trashing the bathrooms again! Please control you dogs at all times, especially when there are large crowds and food involved. Please use Common Sense in these types of situations and avoid it all together. Because of this incident, the City pound will be out making the rounds more often. We do not have a completely off-leash park, as much as we would like to think so. Please make sure you have your leashes with you at all times.

 Published: 02 September 2010
 Last Updated: 03 September 2010
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Kilcona Park Dog club fall Bar-B-Que and membership drive Saturday, September 11/10

from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Food - Drinks - Information

Rain Date: Saturday, September 18, 2010

visit our Blog at:

contact us at:

 Published: 30 August 2010
 Last Updated: 30 August 2010
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Yard Sale
Fundraiser Yard Sale in Support of the BTPRSM is planned for August 28  from 9am to 3 pm at 19 Christenson Place in Tyndall Park. Come out and meet some of the adorable Adoptable s.

If you have gently used items you would like to donate, please drop them off the morning of the sale.

 Published: 26 August 2010
 Last Updated: 26 August 2010
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CBC Production in Winnipeg looking for a dog


My name is A.J. Kent and I am contacting you from the CBC production currently going on in Manitoba called, "Man With Brooms". I am contacting you because we are looking for a dog to star in a promotional music video that will be airing on CBC and on You Tube. We are looking for a well trained and obedient dog that will respond well to simple commands. Right now we are interested in the 'Bloodhound' dog breed and breeds that have similar physical features. The shooting of this video will take place this upcoming Saturday the 14th of August in the South Osborne area of the City, between the hours of 9am and 6 pm. We are looking for your assistance in directing us to any contacts that you may know who own a Bloodhound or a similar breed and that may be interested in taking part in this production. Compensation will be provided.

If interested , contact lmppoa for phone numbers.

 Published: 11 August 2010

Artisan Show
2010 Annual Artisan Show & Sale

Lesley Nakonechny and friends are having annual show at:

664 Niagara Street, Winnipeg

11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Weekend 1: November 27 & 28

Weekend 2: December 4 & 5

The Artisans

Krista Reid / Velocity Jewelry

Debbie Clark-Greenshields / Nouveaura

Lesley Nakonechny / Block-printed artwork

Jane Wood / Get-A-Grip Felted Handbags

Jesse Antonation / Woodturner

Interac,Visa,Mastercard & Amex accepted with most artisans.

For more information, call Krista at (204)774-7478

 Published: 30 October 2010
 Last Updated: 30 October 2010
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From the BTPRSM:

Hello everyone!

Halloween will be upon us this weekend! Before you get the kids ready, or fill your bowls with candy to hand out - celebrate with your pet!

The BTPRSM will be hosting its 2nd Annual Howl-O-Ween party this Saturday, October 30th at the Pawsh Dog (133 Marion St.) from 2:30 to 4:00. Come with your pet in costume and they could win a prize! We also will have a door prize just for coming out!

There will be food and fun for the adults - and of course for the dogs! Thanks to the wonderful staff at Paws & Go on Roblin Blvd., your pet won't leave the party empty-handed! Admission is $5 per family, so bring everyone along. This is an event not to be missed, so mark your calendars! See you there!

Also the BTPRSM is have a raft of fund raising events for the Christmas season,

1- Mom's Pantry Fundraiser

2- Bothwell Cheese Fundraiser

3- Gift Card Fundraiser

4- BTPRSM Holiday Bazaar

go to

 Published: 28 October 2010
 Last Updated: 28 October 2010
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Blessing For The Animals
We are planning a Blessing For The Animals on Oct. 24th at 4:00 at the Little Mountain Club house. It will be hosted by Rev. Geoff Woodcroft of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Fort Garry. No fees are charged but a donation to the church will go a long way to help those in need.


Update: Our first 'Blessing' service was very successful. I've placed a picture file in the 'Where are they Now' section.

 Published: 14 October 2010
 Last Updated: 28 October 2010
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Lost Dog
The Boston Terrier Pug Rescue has a lost dog last located out on the South side of town, between St. Anne and St. Mary's.

His name is Pablo. Please call Lindsay at 688-4250 immediately - anytime, day or night. Being a former puppy mill dog, Pablo is EXTREMELY skittish and will not allow himself to be caught!


 Published: 10 October 2010
 Last Updated: 17 October 2010
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Tree Planting
This comes from our friends over at Kilcona park.

Volunteers Needed:

The Dog Club has finally obtained the okay from the City for tree planting/forestation in the North section of the off-leash park. The City will be supplying us with containerized trees to plant and will also be present to help out & give us planting tips. We will be having a Tree Planting day on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 at 11 a.m. (meet in the parking lot). We are looking for volunteers to help us plant the trees & beautify our park. If any of you can donate a couple of hours of your time next Saturday to help us out please contact us and let us know. It would be very much appreciated.

Kilcona Park Dog Club


 Published: 05 October 2010
 Last Updated: 05 October 2010
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Grounds Crew
Our ground keepers Corry and Dean have left us for another year. Today was their last day. We (as a group) gave them each a going away card and some Tim Horton gift cards as well. They took good care of the park this year and we'll look forward to seeing them again next year. All the best from LMPPOA.

 Published: 01 October 2010
 Last Updated: 01 October 2010
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Dog Whisperer
Winnipeg Free Press Tuesday , September 28,2010 pg. D6

Winnipeggers shouted, Dog Whisperer heard

"The shouting from local dog lovers was just loud enough; now, let the whispering begin.

Due to the overwhelming demand from Winnipeggers, TV's The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, has added a local date to his upcoming Cesar Millan Live Canadian tour.

The event will take place at the MTS Centre. Tickets are $39.50 to $125 (plus tax and agency fees), on sale Friday at Ticketmaster.

Millan's TV series, The Dog Whisperer, airs in Canada on National Geographic Channel."

Date 11/14/2010 at 7:30 pm

 Published: 28 September 2010
 Last Updated: 10 October 2010
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I recieved a notice from the Boston Terrier/Pug Rescue of two up coming events for this weekend that they will be in attendance.

1- Saturday, September 25th, Canvasback adoption Day in Selkirk.


           16 Kirkness Rd. Lockport


2- Sunday, September 26th, Lions Purina for Dog Guides.

          Where: Birds Hill Park. East Beach side parking lot. 10 am. Registration, walk at noon.

          895-1607 or 444-2693

 Published: 24 September 2010

Sad News
We just got some sad news yesterday, our friend Ziggy has past away. We wish all the best to Cynthia and Ben. Ziggy was a wonderful girl, she will be truely missed by all.

 Published: 30 December 2010
 Last Updated: 30 December 2010
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Lost Dog
We have a lost dog out at the park, Tank is a diabetic and needs his med's. Up-date, Tank was found last night at the Prairie Dog Railway Station. That's good news!

 Published: 29 December 2010
 Last Updated: 31 December 2010
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Head Shake
Here's one for the old Head Shake department. Somebody cut down a Pine tree along the edge of the Big field for the top to make a Christmas Tree. I hope that the people enjoy it, Merry Christmas!


 Published: 16 December 2010
 Last Updated: 19 December 2010
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I debated what to call this from campfire to all sorts of bad language! Some kind souls left their mark out at the park on Thursday night by driving into the park and having a massive fire right in the middle of the Main tail. The flames were so high that it seared the trees all around it. There was some electrical conduit thrown into the blaze as well. I've clean up most of the wire left-overs but please be careful around there.

Thanks to who ever cleaned up all the left over ash, it was quite a mess!


 Published: 27 November 2010
 Last Updated: 04 December 2010
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Lots of Dogs in the Park
Lots of Dogs in the Park: Nov 11/10

I had the good fortune of meeting Dave Wheeler from Power 97,Winnipeg Sun columnist and host of the Blue Bombers and Moose games the other day. He had written an article about his new dog and LMP. Go to for a read.

 Published: 21 November 2010
 Last Updated: 06 December 2010
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It looks like our first snow fall of the season is here to stay! With the snow you know what the brings, yes, I found on our walk to the first snowmobile tracks down the trails. Please remember, these people don't care if they hit you or your dog. So please be careful when your out and about!

 Published: 19 November 2010
 Last Updated: 20 November 2010
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In 2009 and 2010, Susan Van D., sent in two samples of our native Wild Hazelnuts to the Arbor day organization at Rutgers University in the Untied States. These were added to their collection for planting. The Hazelnuts were the furthest Northern Accessions that the Organization had. The seedlings were planted with a well developed root system according to Thomas Molnar and Ben Cohoon of the Arbor day organization. The lot number is # 09606. In a few years we will see what progress has happened from the Little Mountain Park seeds. Good on you Susan!

 Published: 04 November 2010